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ANDERSON, Michael - Chairman Sovereign Union National Unity Government
BOYD, Brian - Secretary Victorian Trades Hall Council
BRACKEN, Kevin - Maritime Union of Australia Victorian Branch Secretary
COLLYER, David - Housing Affordability Campaign Manager Prosper Australia
FIREBRACE, Sharon - Public & Aboriginal Advocate (3KND)
HAGAN, Stephen - Author, Filmmaker and Editor of the National Indigenous Time
KAVANAGH, Brian - Land Values & Research Group
MCQUEEN, Humphrey - Author, Historian & Writer
O'BRIEN, Darryl - Community Law Resource Group
PEARCE, Colleen - Public Advocate at Victorian Office
Dr PUTLAND, Gavin - Prosper Australia
RINTOUL, Ian - Refugee Collective
RORRIS, Arthur - Secretary of South Coast Labour Council
Dr SMALLWOOD, Gracelyn -
Dr TOSCANO, Joseph - Host Anarchist World (3CR)
VAN ONSELEN, Leith - Chief Economist & Co-founder of

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