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  • Corporate (Govt) Agents: Do Not Consent or Contract with them
  • 27/06/2014
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 25 articles in 2014 )
Mr Smith: Government Agent
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As with Mr Smith the so called 'invincible and scary' government agent, from the 1999 movie The Matrix, Neo [played by Keanu Reeves] had to avoid Mr Smith until he realised his full power. This analogy can be used for people dealing with ticket inspectors and all government and corporate agents.

With the MYKI system overcharging public transport users, building holding cells on station platforms, prancing around like the Gestapo as if they own you and have ultimate authority over you 'asking you for you papers [ticket]' and roughing up so called 'fare evaders' and if they feel like it, shoot you with a potentially lethal Taser Gun when you are no threat being barely conscious and wounded.

With no recourse through the governments of the day curbing these high costs and authoritarian rule, those people feeling the full brunt of this unfair force are wondering what has happened to the "Fair Go" Australia that once existed. Furthermore, they are tired of feeling helpless wanting to know how to fight back, figuratively speaking.

Know your rights — the law will protect you.

First of all you must understand you are the ultimate Authority (under God's law and man's law). Hence, no one else has authority over you, UNLESS, you consent for them to have authority over you. And I'm not talking about someone exerting their unwarranted force over you, this is another thing altogether. Although not easy, be not in fear of force from another.

Note: Whether you have a valid ticket/concession or not, the below process should still be run!

So, when the Ticket Officer/Corporate Agent comes over to you asking for your ticket, be pleasant and say:

1. Hello, can I grab your name and ID.
A business type card should be handed to you, alternatively, have them write their details on a piece of paper. Don't just accept them flashing a badge and some form of identity card.

It will feel strange the first time round but each time thereafter it will get easier as you come to realise your power. Treat them as you would any stranger who comes up to you in the street. Would you give your details out to just anyone you didn't feel comfortable with? Of course not. Ticket Inspectors are no different.

If they say they don't have to, caution them with "it is an offence under the Act refusing to provide your details? (if you know the specific section you can mention this if you like).

If they don't give you their details, it's a stand off.
Don't give them anything or say anything, using your right to silence.
Be in witness mode taking notice of anything they say or do.

Remember these people use intimidation and the illusion of authority to coerce you into submitting your consent, so Be Strong - Stand Your Ground - And don't give it to them!!

Once you give them your consent, name and identity, you open yourself up to their power; being subject to their authority, rules and penalties.

2. If/when they give you his/her identity details, simply state:
"I Do Not Wish to Contract with You. I do not consent and All Presumptions are Rebutted."

If they don't leave you alone, again be the witness and write or keep notes of what they say and do.

3. You can also say "I wish to be left alone in Peace." and "Move Freely Unhindered and Unimpeded" if you are being blocked by them.

4. You can give an Agent a Caution: "If you wish to obstruct me, you are causing me injury which you will be held personally liable for".

5. If they touch you or attempt to restrain you say that is assault and repeat No.4. Request police attendance if they haven't already called them. Police Officers can't make you do anything either, they are there in the title and capacity to essentially prevent a Breach of the Peace. They are there to protect you so fear not.

Simply, inform the police they have assaulted and hindered you and you wish to press charges against the offending officers. Also get names and badge numbers of the police officers before you walk away.

With the names of all the officers involved (transport and police) you can make complaints for injury, compensation, victim of crime and request charges be laid in a day or two, after you have composed yourself.

Remember who you are; one of love and Almighty Power that God has given unto you.
So remember to love God and your neighbours [government agents] as yourself, you will be so glad you did. God Bless!

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