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  • Wars are a Distraction
  • 28/06/2014
  • Contributed by: SpongeBob ( 17 articles in 2014 )
Wars are a Distraction.

By keeping the public in fear and survival mode, distracted with useless media and political games and propaganda, the business of sport, shopping, entertainment, broken families, freer trade, economic this, that and everything else economic which in the end means sweet f*ck all, defense spending and traffic management and so on, and of course all under the guise of safety, where does it ever end.

It doesn't, and it's not meant to, as it's purpose is to keep you in a perpetual loop of keeping you distracted, confused and helpless.

All the superficial misleading types of statements and activities that are thrown at you keeping you entangled on a daily basis, have been purposefully selected by a bunch of very clever tyrannical ruling class war mongering looters are doing the best to secretly scour the world landscape stealing assets and resources from countless countries. It's a game like no other.

Does this seem fair or just? All for them and none for you...Then what will come at the end? What will your purpose be and useful for what?

What happens when Australia's lands are made barren and turned into wastelands, where will we all be then, unable to turn back time or renew the land [taking millions of years] after being raped?

How will you feel in the years to come if you just sat back and did nothing?

Or perhaps you don't care much about your neighbours and the environment to which you live in and are dependent upon. Perhaps you enjoy sitting back and watching magic tricks. Watch the little birdie in my left hand while the right one steals your wallet, family, resources, land, water and your life!

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