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  • In 'God's country' you don't have to pay rates, says Meander Valley family
  • 16/03/2017
  • Contributed by: Jenny ( 1 article in 2017 )
A Meander Valley family are refusing to pay over $9,000 worth of overdue council rates for their three properties, claiming the land belongs to God. The Meander Valley Council respectfully disagrees, and is being forced to sell the properties, consisting of two houses and a honey business to cover the debt. Meander Valley Mayor Craig Perkins, speaks to Brian Carlton, explaining the decision to sell the properties is a last resort. "They've made it quite clear to us, on a number of occasions that they don't intend to pay their this is the course of action that...we've settled on, unfortunately," Mayor Perkins says. As the family now face homelessness, the Council are hoping they will understand the importance of paying their debt. "My hope is that they see the light now...and turn up with a cheque and pay it," Mayor Perkins says.


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    By:Michael_K from Victoria, Australia on March 16, 2017 @ 9:49 pm
    Rates are unfair and steep for many people who use their house as a means of shelter, not an investment or asset. But alone, these people have little or no leverage or bargaining power to bring their rates amounts down, let alone obtain transparency and accountability from these private businesses called councils. Maybe if everyone stuck together as a community, now there's a novel idea, maybe those vulnerable and in need may just get a "fair go". Now there's another novel idea many Australians seem to have forgotten.

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