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  • Lawyers or Grave Robbers?
  • By Diarmuid Hannigan
  • 26/03/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Mick ( 1 article in 2017 )
Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Is a book that asks the question? Is it possible for a lawyer who acts as an executor of a deceased estate to become a grave robber?

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Tells a story about a lawyer/executor who empowers himself over a family by remaining unaccountable for his actions through legal instruments. The lawyer/executor claims client legal privilege over documents he states override a decision made by the deceased's family in relation to an interpretation of her will.

The decision by the lawyer splits the family and costs the estate an extra $60,000 in legal fees and an additional $60,000 due to his mismanagement of the estate.

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Illustrates the incapacity of the government regulators and politicians to prevent this type of legal empowerment over families by an unaccountable lawyer/executor.

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Investigates this problem in detail and searches for solutions in order to prevent further abuse by such professionals upon venerable and innocent families.

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Identifies the need for our legal profession to develop quality standards, accreditation for lawyers who act as executors of deceased estates.

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Calls for a simpler and less informal mechanism to help families resolve estate disagreements. A mechanism which does not involve an outdated inefficient and costly process. A process which damages families and redistributes wealth from our communities into the hands of the privileged legal profession.


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