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  • Child Custody Law Services in Pakistan @fahad_a_siddiqi
  • By Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi
  • Child Custody Law Services in Pakistan/Facebook
  • 18/07/2017
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
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Whether Principles of Natural Justice and Fair Trial as are enshrined under the Provisions of Article 10-A of the Constitution of Pakistan are applicable in Guardianship proceedings during interim stage of litigation??? if so than why a child is being penalized for the wrong he has never committed by directing him to be produced in the court premises to have meeting with his non custodial parent for two hours twice in a month?????
There is nothing on planet Earth that is more damaging, to a parent, than losing a child whom they have a favorable opinion of, because of an attachment-based coalition with a child and the alienating parent, which drives later to Adult Child Estrangement from family.
Where are the privileges of the estranged parent? Where are the equal rights of the Alienated Parent? Regulations needs to change, and legislators need to understand this major issue still exists and is not simply going to leave. Do the lawmakers believe that Parental Alienation is simply going to settle itself?
Comment as each comment of urs will help us fetch more at home visitation rights for already divorce affected minor children produced on monthly basis in the court premises to meet their non custodial parents!!
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Assalamoalaikum All
I invite u all to think and answer, THINK while leaving aside for a minute, what a father has done to his wife or what a wife's contributions r towards a divorce;
Just think of the divorce affected kids..

By bringing a child to meet one of his parents for a mere 2 hours once or twice a month in a court premises!

Don't u think should b a crime? . why a child is being penalized for a wrong which he has never committed???

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(This pic is taken at Guardian Court Visiting -Meeting Area in Lahore . Where children are produced for the purposes of meeting with their non custodial parents twice in a month and for 2 hours )


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