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  • This Is Why Your NBN Connection Is So Slow
  • 19/07/2017
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 9 articles in 2017 )
All About Saving Money

If you want the fastest speed possible on the NBN, get up at 4am!

It has been revealed most people living in metropolitan areas around Australia will be getting slower Internet speeds when they're switched over to the NBN, compared to their current cable or ADSL broadband services.

Both NBN Co. and the telcos are to blame.

A report in today's Australian claims NBN Co has admitted it's wholesale price is very expensive, in order to pay back the money it owes the federal government. It is charging companies like Telstra and Optus between $10-$14 for every 1Mbps they buy.

That's where the telcos come in. They're not buying enough speed to meet the demands of all the users. Most companies are buying just 1Mbps for each customer who buys a 25Mbps plan. It all goes south for users when they jump online at the same time.

Can you explain it any simpler?

Think of your Internet speed like water coming into your house. If your house needed 25 litres of water per minute (for showers, washing, drinking) and every other house in your area needs 25 litres of water per minute as well. To save costs, the water company pumps just 25 litres of water into the pipe for everyone to share, and keeps it's fingers crossed you don't all turn on the tap at the same time.

The $49-billion NBN rollout is now at it's half way point, and a recent study from Choice found 60 percent of people already connected are experiencing problems. If you're yet to be connected, enjoy your speed while it lasts.



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