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  • Is Fictitious Debt worth Dying for?
  • By Ashley Collman and Louise Boyle
  • 29/07/2017
  • Contributed by: Pina ( 10 articles in 2017 )

Chiropractor and wife jumps to their death over spiraling financial woes

Chiropractor Glenn Scarpelli and his wife Patricia, ages 53 and 50, have been identified as the couple who jumped to their deaths from a Manhattan office building early Friday morning

In suicide notes, the couple said that they had found themselves in a 'financial spiral'
They also asked their their children, 20-year-old Isabella and 19-year-old Joseph, be taken care of

Public records showed that Glenn owed about $213,000 to the federal government and nearly $42,000 to the state in unpaid taxes dating back to 2003 has learned that the Scarpellis had a history of financial problems and had been pursued for dozens of outstanding tax liens by federal and city authorities since at least 1998.

Glenn Scarpelli had been pursued in federal court over failing to pay back a federal loan issued in 2000 for advanced medical education in 2013, having failed to make most payments over the course of more than a decade.

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    By:Bazz from qld, Ozz on July 29, 2017 @ 1:19 pm
    People feeling they have to kill themselves over "Advanced education" which seems like our HECS govt debt. WHAT A DISGRACE!! I hope their kids sue the ass of the US govt??

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