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  • P‬rime Minister is accused of tricks, lies & deceit 4 not calling a Royal Commission: Hetty Johnston
  • By Susan G
  • @ChangeAUS‬
  • 05/08/2017
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
Be Grateful Today!
Prime Minister accused of tricks, lies and deceit!

Please sign this petition to force the government to call a Royal Commission into endemic corruption in Family Courts to Bring transparency, accountability and justice to a corrupt legal system and vindicate millions (mums, dads children and families) victims of this evil empire global‪ly‬

‪Be Outraged! Stop #Corruption, #ChildAbuse, #ParentAbuse in #FamilyCourt Demand #RoyalCommission Now

Prime Minister is ‪accused of tricks, lies & deceit 4 not calling a Royal Commission: Hetty Johnston…/u/20869843… via @ChangeAUS‬

21 JUL 2017 — Malcolm Turnbull bears brunt of Bravehearts founder’s fury after declining Royal Commission
Dwayne Grant,, Gold Coast Bulletin
July 21, 2017 12:00am

BRAVEHEARTS founder Hetty Johnston says the Prime Minister has turned his “back on thousands of children” by refusing a Royal Commission into Australia’s family law system.

The child sexual abuse advocate said she had obtained expert legal advice that showed Malcolm Turnbull falsely cited “significant constitutional limitations” as the reason a Royal Commission could not proceed.

Mrs Johnston met with the PM in October to discuss her belief that a commission is the only legal framework capable of overcoming the significant hurdles needed to thoroughly investigate the family law system, including State and Federal bodies such as police and child protection agencies.

“I got a letter signed by the Prime Minister (outlining why a Royal Commission was not feasible) and we believed it and said we would work with him.

“(But) we also got constitutional advice to be sure and just as well because both those very well-known, esteemed, clever people disagreed with the Prime Minister. We were fed a furphy.

“(The Prime Minister’s office) saw us fold and we were tricked and lied to by the Prime Minister and that is betraying Australia’s children … it’s not he can’t protect Australia’s children. It’s that he won’t.”

In his letter to Bravehearts, Mr Turnbull said the Government was committed to ongoing improvements to the family law system but a Royal Commission was “not a viable pathway for these improvements to occur”.

“There are significant constitutional limitations in respect of any executive inquiry into the courts arising from the principles of judicial independence in Chapter III of the Constitution,” he wrote.

Mrs Johnston said this was contrary to advice received by Curtin University Law School’s Professor Gerard Carney and University of NSW Law Dean George Williams.

“This attempt by the office of the Prime Minister to derail calls for a Royal Commission into the family law system is deceptive and alarming,” she said.

“One day a Royal Commission into the family law system will be conducted and our current Prime Minister may be called upon to explain why, when he knew of the horrors being faced by these children and their protective parents, he did nothing to save them.”

Mrs Johnston said she was now calling on the Opposition to push for the Royal Commission.

“We don’t need to wait for this man to find his backbone,” she said. “(The Opposition) has nearly got the numbers and I’m asking every parliamentarian in there to stand up for our children.

“Trust is my big button and when I sit with the Prime Minister in his office … you want to believe this is a man who cares about children.”



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    By:Damian O'Brien from Qld, Australia on September 13, 2017 @ 5:57 am
    Tha Australian family court sys them is mot a family court but rather a court system that automatically favours the mothers over the fathers. So much for equals rights. The child support system in Austra li a actuallly encouranges lazy disgruntled mothers to with hold their children from their fathers f or a financial gain. Both need change for the wellbeing and mental health of Australi an children and to help reduce the high rates of male suicide in this country. It has gone way beyond equal rights for women, its ridiculous.
    By:Denise Mahoney from Western Australia, Australia on August 27, 2017 @ 9:01 pm
    It is way past time that men got equality or equal rights in family law courts and child custody. It is unbelievable that in 2017 we are still treating men as if they have no right to be involved or given custody of children. This constant pro women has got to spot. Even in the Government own Department women must return to work when last child turns 6. The suicide rate for men in these horrendous situation beggars believe! Infact the Government are assisting men to suicide with their unreasonable child maintenance and custody. With this constant feminists movement insisting on equality that should apply to men equality too. It is 2017 both can work it is 50% each. It would cost the government less too in welfare payments.
    By:Shaun mitchell from Queensland , Australia on August 22, 2017 @ 4:46 am
    With the social station of dead beat dad forever cast on everything I do. Suicide is always there. I have a court order for 50% care that cost me 160k,ive lost my job, I lost my house, I have several debt collectors calling, child support is hounding me, my new family lives with a guy dead inside. How can a father end up worthless when he uses the system to have his children in his life. I'm sure I'm not gonna be around for the the commissions findings, as many other fathers remove themselves completely from this terrible life that is legally killing them.

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