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  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
With special guest: John Bond
Our guest today is the son of a very famous father, Alan Bond, who is forever linked with Australia winning the America’s Cup in 1983. John Bond was there for this hugely significant event in the USA, one which lifted the whole country. Where to after that?

John Bond returned to Australia and got his motivation when he heard an address by Professor Bruce Robinson which inspired him to support the most powerful force for reducing the chances of our kids falling victim to drugs, suicide and crime. Having an effective father or even a father figure leads to reduced incidence of crime, alcohol and drug abuse; it enhances mental health and self-esteem, leads to improved school engagement and performance, social competence and improved health behaviours generally. Professor Robinson, who has previously been a guest on Dads on the Air provided the research which is compelling.

John Bond is the Chairman of The Fathering Project and he has a clear vision, namely to ensure that every child in Australia has an effective father or father figure. And what is the best way to be a better Dad? To be aware of the need to spend quality time with your children and to regularly practise positive behaviours. The Fathering Project makes this easier by providing to those on the mailing list weekly tips on how to be a better Dad. You can join by going to The Fathering Project website.

In this program we discuss with John Bond some of the regrets that people have at the end of their life which all too frequently are that I didn’t spend enough time with my children, I spent too much time at work and I wish someone had told me. We do not get an instruction book when we produce children but listening to this program gives us the inspiration to either become a champion Dad or be a supporter, part of a proactive approach so that we can ‘turn off the tap rather than mop up the mess’.

John Bond

John Bond is a founding Director of Primewest, a national property investment business and has been instrumental in its growth and development. His background spans law, investment banking, as well as property investment and development. He is a Corporate Member of the Property Council, a non-Executive Director of ASX listed Fleetwood Limited and a Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation.

John was “motivated to join The Fathering Project Board because it is one of the few causes which seeks to significantly change our whole society for the better. It does this by enabling Dads and father figures to give our children the confidence and self-esteem to make the right decisions when they face the inevitable challenges that life brings.”

Song selection by our guest: Down Under by Men At Work

Note: This program is an encore presentation of the one aired on 31 Mar 2016.


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