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  • #Arson #Theft $20m (1969-1975) #ChiefJustice #OZ #FamilyCourt Member #AFCC #ObstructionOfJustice
  • By Susan Ghaemi Jack & Jill Sanders
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Chief Justice of Australia's Family Court (Diana Bryant) was appointed (in an airport lounge) by Philip Ruddock the Attorney General in 2004, in total contradiction to due process.

Australian people were not made aware of Diana Bryant's history, character, credentials or there lack of by the Attorney General. The circumstances of her appointment remain unknown 14 years later.

Diana Bryant was born to a single mother (Betty Bryant nee Barrie) in 1947.
She claims her father to be Robert Bryant. A Robert Bryant existed some how fitting Diana Bryant's description of her father. (See below footnote 1)

Betty Barrie was born to a solicitor Reginald William Barrie (R.W. Barrie) and his wife Doris. R. W. had a family business Law Practice in Melbourne where Betty (his daughter) and later Diana Bryant (his grand daughter) worked. This family business was called R. W. Barrie and Co.

R. W. Bryant had a client, E. A. Green, who sold land to new migrants off the ship and embezzled the money they had paid as they all invariably could not meet the mortgage repayments and lost the down-payments and any other payments to E. A Green and his lawyer, R. W. Barrie & Co.. This was the business Diana Bryant's grand father was involved in, a lucrative fraudulent scam taking advantage of the most vulnerable people who were illiterate or could not speak English.

R. W. Berrie died in the 50's and Diana Bryant's mother became the chief operator of R. W. Barrie family law firm. She continues with R. W. Barrie's business and expands exponentially in the same business of defrauding the most vulnerable as she represented crooks and criminals that no other reputable firm would touch with a ten foot pole.

Diana Bryant attended University studying Law from 1964-1969. During this time she worked for her mother and later also until Betty Bryant was charged and imprisoned in 1975-1976.

Diana Bryant left Melbourne for UK a couple of days before her mother was charged with fraud and theft of more than $20m however she was convicted for $8m and sentenced to 7-10 years jail.

The reason R. W. Barrie & Co.'s Principal, Betty Bryant was not convicted for more is that the Office where documents of crimes of Diana Bryant and Betty Bryant family business Law Firm were kept was burnt down.

Police concluded that the reason for fire was arson, the perpetrators were never found. This all happened in the Melbourne of mid 1970's. For a history of organised crime and the underbelly in Victoria for that period please google same.

The theft of Diana Bryant and Betty Bryant's family business (R. W. Barrie & Co.) client's money was established beyond reasonable doubt.

Betty Bryant chose to take full responsibility for the theft and therefore only she was charged with the crime. Therefore, everyone else in the Family business law firm was spared and as a result no other party to this largest of its kind fraud and theft in Australia's history was investigated . Betty Bryant had pleaded with her contacts to charge her after Diana has left the country.

The money was never recovered as Betty claimed she did not know where the money has gone. No one else in that Firm was investigated. Diana Bryant, later the Chief Justice of family Court of Australia, travelled with Richard Nowotny to the UK a couple of days before the family business law firm of R. W. Barrie & Co. was shut down and $8million was missing from the Trust account.

Betty Bryant took some no-dose pills and went to hospital and apparently stayed in Coma for 10 days. Diana Bryant returns from UK and in December marries Richard Nowotny while her mother was in white collar criminals' jail in Victoria.

Diana went to Perth and set up shop away from Melbourne where her law firm's fraud and theft was all over the news and newspapers in 1976. She returned to Melbourne in 1997 (22 years later) and by 2000 she was the Head of the newly established Federal Magistrate Courts and by 2004 she was given the position of Chief Justice of the Family Court.

Diana Bryant's activities in Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia and again in Melbourne, Victoria were never investigated by Attorney Generals who appointed her to run the Magistrate Courts and the Family Courts.

Diana Bryant was at the helm of the Family Courts from 2004 to the last day of her 69th birthday in October 2017 (compulsory retirement by age 70). During her time at the helm of the Family Courts in Australia, the most horrific crimes happened to the most vulnerable people, innocent parents and their children at the worst times in their lives. This is very similar, albeit more horrific, than the crimes against new migrants perpetrated by her grand father, mother and her law firm and its major client, E. A. Green.



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