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  • How to deal with a sheriff's warrant
  • 15/01/2018 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Sol ( 13 articles in 2018 )
Be Grateful Today!
Many people's first contact with the "SHERIFF'S OFFICE VICTORIA" is in the form of a template letter stating that the "natural person" has outstanding warrants to a particular value.

As of this writing, the template letter has a scanned signature and a name of Brendan Facey, stating that he is the "Sheriff of Victoria".

In accordance with the law, specifically the Infringements Act 2006, S3 on "execution copy" states:

"execution copy", in relation to an infringement warrant, means the copy issued for the purposes of execution and includes an execution copy comprising a number of infringement warrants consolidated under section 86;

as seen in the scanned document below:

Note: The burden of proof is on the accuser.

If you have obtained notification either verbal or in writing that the sheriff is stating that there are warrants in your person's name, demand that the sheriff produce;

1). Copies of the (alleged) warrants See: warrant form,
2). the "execution copy".

as required by law.

If the above documents are not produced and further action is carried out against your person, then the due process of law has not been followed, where your person has obtained financial damage, where you have a course of action against;

1) the (alleged) sheriff, Mr. Brendan Facey,
3) the issuing person from the court,

or other persons associated with your matter.

See also:

Sheriff's warrants do not exist - verified on video

People should be made aware that warrants that have been allegedly issued from the progression of a fine from the so called 'Infringements Court' in Victoria do not exist.

They have never existed.

The people in office / government do not implement the 'law' are they are mandated to.

They are causing you 'harm' as a result of stepping outside the laws they are bound to.

This information, with verified proof, sits within a few other people's personal archives that we are aware of.

Currently an alleged officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria, of the title 'Sheriff' is a man with the name Brendan Facey.

The Sheriff's Office of Victoria, with Brendan Facey at the 'helm', has been committing fraud on the good motorists of Victoria without any consequences.

If you have been harmed by the Sheriff's Office of Victoria seeing this video could be of benefit to you should you choose to seek a remedy.

Fun with Fines part 1 (Official Authorised Version)

The above video took place at Ground Floor, 277 William St Melbourne at a business called CCV (Civic Compliant Victoria).

Please also note that there is considerable information, approximately a dozen posts, on the alleged Sheriff Brendan Facey, and the Sheriff's Office of Victoria contained within this (the Corporate Australia) blog.

We do not recommend anyone pay any monies unless a warrant in the proper format is obtained, in accordance with the law.


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