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  • Deceived into Consent
  • By Romley Stewart
  • 01/01/2018 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Jude ( 6 articles in 2018 )
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There are three languages, one for the debtor, one for the creditor and one for the administrator.... Even though you may assume that you can read all three, they are totally three separate languages and have no jurisdiction with each other unless you "consent' ... but your consent comes with ignorance of the difference between such three languages and assume them to be one language... Its all a big fat lie... The Governor General and the Australian government is a counterfeit... There is no such written English as: "Governor-General", it should be: "Governor General" without the hyphen... The hyphen grammatically destroys the name.

Grammar and Latin were removed from Australian schools in 1966 in order to dumb the masses to a point of legal illiteracy, rendering such masses to fall for the greatest deception of all time: the Justinian Grammatical Deception

A trust has three parties but a Quasi trust has the office of three parties, the Office of Creditor, the Office of Debtor and the Office of Administrator but only two such offices are held by man at any one given point rendering such a three way trust as a fraud or false trust. When only the debtor and the Administrator are present, without the Creditor appearing, such a trust will convert the Administrator from Administration to Creditor! and never have to settle the bills of the State because we were deceived into falling from creditor into debtor through a dirty planned grammatical deception.

The depth of the NEW-WORLD-ORDER deception reaches to the very Bibles that sit in their quasi courts that control our minds... Grammatical Deceptions that remove God from the bibles and replace such a God with corporate private banking administrators...

Is the Ledger what you assumed? .. or is it the hidden consent into slavery? ... Secrets of the Underworld Occult.

I missed something! go to time: 6.30 and look at article 4 of the meaning of Ledger in the Webster's Dictionary... A LEDGER is also a Resident, Ambassador or Agent! .. are you a resident? that's what the Council is calling you! a Resident resides on land he does not own, and the most strange thing: only Lords can own land, and the title of a Lord can only be given to the Christian name! .. the SURNAME is the Resident, the Christian name is the true owner... or Equitable title holder! .. its all staring at us in the face...

Dealing with the occult-fraud of foreign corporate banking entities.

In relation to the: "Entertainment Only" My family and I received threats from the head of CIB in Cairns: (McLeish) (And other warnings) warning that if I maintain the work that I do, "I won't know what hit me" and he went on to say that anyone else involved with me will get it even worse. So for this reason, I publish all my work as "Entertainment only" leaving it up to you in order to do your own checking in relation to such subject matter within such videos.

Australia is now governed by the UNIDROIT treaty of Rome, under "PRIVATE-LAW" (Foreign corporations and their foreign grammatically debased written language) so all I want Australians to do is wake up to the reality of what the so called "Australian Government" has done to the people of Australia by selling us out to foreign corporations by way of stealth.

The system of "consent" in relation to private contract law is complex and cunning and in order to comprehend such complexities, one must understand the "concept" of how private contract law (Corporate governance) really works first and once you comprehend such a concept, dealing with it starts to fall into place... remember this, the public standing is the highest political stand, the "private" is the lowest rank in the military! so if you claim to be "private" you better know the rules of how the PRIVATE-SYSTEM works or you could loose everything you thought you owned...

The world of PRIVATE-CONTRACTS is the world of the DEAD and the Bible is the warning in relation to dealing with such dead entities. The VATICAN, being the serpent in the garden of Eden, holds the "copyright" over such a DEAD world and its written symbolic language. Adam and Eve, is a hidden code and probably the most important code to comprehend in relation to understanding modern day corporate foreign governance. The "Creditor" and the "Debtor" .... The political standing: Public or Private.

Thanks to all the good people from all over the world that care about our God given rights and freedoms and our public political standing... Romley Stewart.

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