Good-Bye Davey Bails

Good-Bye Davey Bails

Postby Daveyone on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:10 am

After 5 years in the Family system ( I brought the case my self as it was clear my ex would not co-operate in mediation) I has a perfectly sound contact order for my children, had done all that was asked of me by HHJ xxxx at Watford CC including setting up a new family home close to the former one in order to be convenient for both schools ( a matter of a few hundred yards away) for my trouble I went bankrupt a year ago now face reposession of said home all in the name of "serving my children's best interests!" I have learned today (Sat 13th) My Ex can take full possesion of the former family home ( bankrupcy practitioners took my bit) to keep my home it is £300 a week she only has to pay £200 a month she has shacked up with another guy I face endless CSA demands ( can't pay I am afraid) and worst of all the sound contact order described is not worth the paper it is written on as she has kept the Children away from me for 21 months this fathers day and there is nothing I can do! Last Judge DJ xxxx somewhat more consilatary said I would have to face more CAFCASS and the like I said I would rather not put more conflict in the face of my sons and this is the out come!!

:!: So much for Jack Straw's Open Court (white wash) !! :?:
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