Children's Rights : 3000. ( Both video's version!)

Children's Rights : 3000. ( Both video's version!)

Postby Daveyone on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:17 am

(alt video USA) ... r_embedded ... ts/members

Over the years I have been most inspired by the work of Omar and David Inguanzo from
their group Children's Rights and would call o all like mined folk to join us and make the
breakthrough 3000th member by this Easter! I am also honoured to be regarded as a
cause leader within the group.

Along with other campaigners such as Donald Tenn, David Carlin Anthony Lemons
Second Class Citizen .org and many more who know the massive challenges that still
lie ahead through out the USA. Here in the UK there seems a modest groundswell
towards reform and feel I would like to see this hope extended to other associated
fighting for justice in Family Courts and reforming child welfare organisations to start
acting as they are expected to !

Along with everyone throughout the USA I would call on those in Canada, UK, Australia,
New Zealand, Singapore, Greece.......and beyond to use this group as an umbrella
organisation to promote our causes generate information not only among ourselves
but that can be lobbied through the media , local and national press and radio ,and onto
our reluctant political masters! ... r_embedded

Strength in numbers and unity in our cause will win through encourage the limited success
already gained to be felt throughout the suffering world of our children treated so unjustly in
so called Family Courts or at the hands f social services. So please join me now at
Children's Rights and lets make 2012 the year of success!

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