Erin Prizzey Terrorist or commonsense merchant?

Erin Prizzey Terrorist or commonsense merchant?

Postby Daveyone on Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:27 am

I was astonished to hear Erin Prizzey on the Today programme last year
standing up for "murder is murder" in connection to domestic violence on
women and a shared view on some of the comments made by Camilla
Cavendish in the Times, perhaps it is time quiet spoken people such as Erin
and Shaun Bailey should be listened to as they seem to have wisdom
beyond their years!! ... chest.html ... 854230.ece

and consider this; ... itemid=243

and this is the best the government has to offer!!

I am also of the belief that if the following got together and
advised the government they could solve the problems of;
Family Law failures social services incompetence, child
welfare issues missed by the preceding two groups under age
pregnancies, Drug and knife crime!!

Erin Prizzey, Camilla Cavendish, Shaun Baily, Lord Joffe Ann Widecombe
Mayor Boris Johnson John Hemming MP and Dennis Skinner MP. :ugeek:
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