Footballer Frank Lampart speaks up for our campaign ( by acc

Footballer Frank Lampart speaks up for our campaign ( by acc

Postby Daveyone on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:12 am

In responce to this ... brien-7799

Dear Mr Whale ,

You above anyone would no better about this then clearly
( although Nick Ferrari seem to have some empathy too)
Your colleague James O'Brien displayed on his biased show
this morning ; ... 394147.ece

As someone who has suffered the indignity of Family Law Courts for the past
5 years he is out of touch and as I have found the good caring mothers and
fathers suffer at the hands of these courts whilst the vengeful and feckless
seem to be accommodated by them. One year ago you told me to walk away
as it will send you mad but I have a second family home less then a mile
from the former one with both schools between the two, yet she is still
empowered to withhold the kids ( even alerting the police when I handed
a post office book to one son as he came out of school !!)

As for our Justice minister: ... y-s-fiance

this is the only thing he has done in Family Law ( which is one more thing then his predecessor
Lord falconer ever did); ... 069466.ece

and my preempted responce sadly has proved right!

I also think a 3 to 4 day trial for Simon Anderton in Newcastle next Tuesday is a little heavy handed don't you :o
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