Justice for Children!

Justice for Children!

Postby Daveyone on Wed Jun 10, 2009 4:48 am

As my inaugural comment under this heading I wonder when this subject will be treated as seriously as deserved, and whilst we are all aware of the graphic horrors behind the lives and ultimate deaths of Baby Peter, Victoria Climbe and Kyra Ishaq this story go’s much further and has a wide ranging effect on children and society today!

When we learn of celebrity separations and break downs in relationships we all head to the news stand to see how much she will get out of him and unsurprisingly we are served up a rich list of what we expect, ultimately massive financial settlements and something applicable solely to the famous, the so called secrecy that shrouds justice from the rest of us is blatantly disregarded in these cases. :evil:

We all know Paul McCartney’s youngest daughter is Beatrice and where her mother and father live we also know the former Beatle is one of the richest men in the UK. We have similar insights into the world of Madonna and the most recent revelations concerning Jordan aka Katie Price and Peter Andre. We are aware of their lifestyle in the most graphic detail most of us would not wish to have had divulged! ;)

Yet if most of us had the cameras on us at the end of our relationships, and paparazzi on our tail week after week, this “evidence” could then be used in the ‘closed shop’ of family court
I am sure the out come would be very much different! We are forced to live with the consequence of those who rely so heavily on social service statements (yes the same ones who reported on the 3 innocents previously mentioned!) and result in miscarriages of justice that are not allowed to be reported in spite of Justice minister Jack Straws ruling that it should!
Beatrice McCartney is likely to have a successful life providing she gets a balanced life and
Paul McCartney’s adult children are testament to this. If Madonna wishes to adopt a number of children form a deprived background that can only be a good thing can’t it? :roll:

As for Katie and Peter I look at what has been super hyped by the media and feel theses are good parents and fear the after shock of all this fame my have a bearing on what is most important, the welfare of their children, and whilst there is a likelihood of being spoiled they seem to have a sincere love for their children and for Peter to adopt Harvey as his own son has to be admirable and probably quite rare! :?

There are so many children in the real world who are not able to have this love and caring and the Family Court imposes it on a drip-drip basis without even asking the kids what they want, sometimes resulting in maladjusted and dysfunctional youngsters ending up in trouble. :x

After 5 years of involvement in this sordid industry of smoke and mirrors I have established there are two types of people, those who know exactly what I am saying and have lived the nightmare of losing contact with their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and …..half their parents! :cry:
For the rest, consider this, as we approach Father’s Day how would you feel if society believes a Father is for life, or is he just for Birthday’s, Christmas, Holidays and endless….
CSA payments? For the sake of our children there has to be more to it then this surely?
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