Postby DaringDads on Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:54 pm

I am planning to ignore SECTION 121 which says it is a crime for Australians to know the details of what is being done to dads and their kids.

Then I may be arrested and charged with a crime. Maybe imprisoned.

Are there any other dads out there who believe it is so BAD that they are prepared to put their freedom on the line and join me?

As a GROUP we might put all our stories out there WITH THE NAMES OF WHO HAS SUFFERED. Newspaper, radio and TV stories are about real NAMED people and what actually happened.

If one dad does this he may be soon silenced. But a group of dads ALL charged will get PROPER media attention. This is not about chicken suits or Batman - it is about real dads with real names daring the Commonwealth to stop silencing the suffering of Australia's dad-less kids.

Your LAWYER will say, "Don't do that, then you will nevr see your kids." That is the System at work. We need people like Nelson Mandela, Marin Luther King, Ghandi or Barak Obama to take the Family Court byt he horns and challenge to us all in jail because we LOVE our kids and they LOVE us.

Who will join me?

Write DaringDads@gmail.com
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Re: Daring Dads TELL THE TRUTH

Postby BeWitched on Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:02 pm

Hi DaringDads,

Welcome aboard.

Section 121 is not worth worrying about, just be sure to call ur ex by another name and all is cool.
Apart from that there are pretty well no limits on what you can say on these forums as long as its real life stuff.
You can discuss anything here you wish about the system including names if you wish.

Have put my freedom on the line before and gone to jail for my kids and would do it again if necessary.
So I know what it's all about.

How are you going and where are you at with stuff?
"Once a King always a King - but once a Knight's enough"
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Re: Daring Dads TELL THE TRUTH

Postby SpongeBob on Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:41 pm

Lawyers are assholes. the minute you let them control u ur fucked.
one minute its lookin good and right at the end they screw you over.
Just dont listen to them...I lost over $320k

There all FUCKING CUNTS as far as im concerned.
No wonder every guy is OS with the hot young pussy, least u get value for ur $$$

More FUCK for ur buck
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Re: Daring Dads TELL THE TRUTH

Postby Frustrated and angry on Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:06 pm

Let me know where to sign up.

I am tired of being a passive onlooker to the kidnap of my child and the subsiquent destruction of my relativley now worhtless life.

I have for ten years been the victim of character assasination,threats on my life, absolute open slather to every scum sucking piece of shit from my local area. I have suffered heart attack,nervous breakdown,i dont think i have slept for one full night in ten years.

I have been reported to the police for stalking, at the same time i was 2500 miles away and the police where in contact with me the whole time yet still served an intervention order to be on the safe side.I mean these cock suckers where actualy calling me in Sydney yet chose to support a lying drug fucked slut rather than a decent loving, caring father.

My own family have chosen the standard sociatal retorique of where there is smoke there is fire.

Xmas this year was supposed to be my year to have my daughter for the day and to have xmas lunch at my sisters with my family.We also had an extended family party 2 weeks prior to xmas. On the day of the extended family Party whitch was also on my contact weekend and therefor my decision to make The ex rings to tell me that she is picking up my daughter for a party with her work.She would not take no for an answer so i just allowed this to happen rather than have a argument in front of my daughter.The next week the ex announces that my daughter wont be having xmas Lunch with my family because she was taking her to the beach for a picnic lunch with her uncle (drug fucked)Grant.

I could not believe it when i spoke to my daughter about this she had actualy been poisened about my family and felt my family didnt care about her or words to the effect that they dont bother why should she. So i then insited i have her Xmas eve so she could see her Granparents whom happen to be Frail and elderly and due to goverment bueracrats are forced to reside in seperate resident hospitals 25 miles apart.This xmas was more than likley the last opportunity for my daughter to see her Poppy Richard as his health has deteriorated so much in the last 6 months we dont expect he will be around for long.He has demeture and amazes us at his ability to remember who my daughter is and he asks for her all the time.My mother is an invalid and uses a walking frame.They are 30 mile from my residence and 57 miles respectivley.So just what the ex expects from them has got me fucked.By the way this fucked up womans mother drove up to the hills and gased herself in her car and the father was an abusive alcholic.So maybe that is why she does what she does. Anyway xmas eve comes around i get up get ready to go and pickup my daughter as she lives seventy miles noth of melbourne and it takes about 1hr 15min to get there.By the time we get back to my place we then have to head in the totaly opposite direction to visit 2 nursing homes and then drive to sorrento to see my brother and his 2 kids whom happen to be 2 of only 4 cousins my daughter has, the other 2 are my sisters kids and are both early 20's one who represents Australia in Female baskettball and a fine role model for my daughter.On her mothers side she has three brothers all of witch are drug addicts ,single ,childless,girlfriendless.Fucked units if you get my drift.
Any way i ring and ring and ring and ring.4.30pm she answers the phone with a smart arse attitude of fuck you if you and your family cant be botherd to organise anything to see her for xmas then thats our problem and we can get fucked.This is when i lost the plot and finally cracked and started callin her a cunt.At this satage she turned her phone on to hands free and allowede my daughter to hear it all. She then announced if i came near her house i would leave unrecognisable.Then i start getting the calls of all the tough Bikies and drug dealers threatening me and warning me off my daughter or die.

My ex's boyfriend is a known GBH and exstacy dealer.Yes i want to sign up and i will name everyone of these cunts and they can come and kill me because i dont care about anything anymore. In fact at least it would make my daughter question her existance amongst the scum of Melbourne and may be the straw that breaks the camels back and lead her away from this scum whom control this fantastic beuatiful daughter of mine.

The sad thing is i can see in her eyes that she loves me and dos'nt want this conflict yet she is sufficiently influenced by her mum and it is almost as though she is afraid to let her mom down.

My poor little girl.
Her life has been a hard one yet she still has joy in her heart.For how much longer ,Who Knows
Frustrated and angry
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Re: Daring Dads TELL THE TRUTH

Postby psorahan on Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:34 pm

i feel for you, i have just started to walk down this road this is my story so far
I would like to state that I have known Angela for 20yrs and in that time we have lived together ,been married, moved to Australia and now have 3 children, we have both as individuals and partners suffered various stressful situations in our life and as a couple we have addressed each situation on its merits and made changes accordingly, during this time I have never physically abused Angela, I have arguably been guilty of controlling ways but given the situation today we have both failed ,Angela for not communicating effectively and me for not having listening skills ,I would further add that it is my understanding that Angela has never brought up her feelings about me with a medical professional and we have never had counselling she has advised me she will see someone when she is happy, she has told me she has reported our doctor to the authorities as she was not happy with his attitude.
• I would like to state that I have complete respect for law and order and its place in the community and to date I have no record or driving convictions; i am a safety professional with BSc OHS and currently studying a Masters degree at Edith Cowan.
•legislation is one of the tools I use to ensure a safe work place and it is equally important that I communicate with work teams in an appropriate manner, of which to date I have been successful, I might add here that a criminal record would hinder my ongoing work as the nature of my work requires a police clearance
•I would like to look back at the lead up to September 2008 to date an outline the family situation
•We had been under pressure all year, (1)we had a 6mnth dispute with the shire about verge treatment , (2)my wife had a hysterectomy and was extremely emotional,(3) I had been unfairly dismissed in the workplace and was in dispute for reinstatement(4) in court with a tenant breaching a lease agreement (5) two days before I was flying out there was a major breakdown of the family car (6)New tenants wanted air-conditioning-Wall built
•In late September I was completing the contract on the .... and was due to go to a mine site near .... we had discussed a holiday and was planning a break
•Angela helped me pack and I asked for a picture of herself and the girls to hang on my wall
•On the morning 14 October Angela and the girls dropped me at the airport ,I said I love you and she replied the same, I gave the girls a kiss and told them I loved them
• I had been on site2 days and had tried to make contact with home but no answered
•I received a call on day 3 which devastated me Angela had left the family home with our 3 children
•I wanted to just jump on a plane but I talked my self into staying as I would have lost the job
•With all the stress I didn’t sleep properly for the next 7 nights and working 13hr days, I was not demonstrating fatigue but my thought process was flawed I completed my 9 days and Angela didn’t want to see me and organised a lift but I asked could she and the girls pick me up
•They picked me up at the airport but I had to sit in the back
•She took me home and I was again devested by the way the house was, most of the furniture was gone
•I tried to talk to Angela she wouldn’t discuss the what when or why but indicated that she had warned me about this, I was confused because we had spoke of our holiday to broom in the coming weeks and Angela had just spent $4,000 on furniture and we had spent approximately $9,000 on the investment property so all of this made no sense, Angela had rented a house for $400when she could have moved into the investment home or I could have moved, know options were discussed
•Over the next few days I went to my doctor who put me on anti depressants and further referred me to a psychologist
•I continued some dialogue with Angela but she wasn’t interested in my proposal of counselling or other professional advice
•I had a discussion with the psychologist and my lack of sleep and the shock of the situation, he said that I need to take but some control of my life
• Over the next few days Angela and the girls just kept away,
•Angela suggested that I take the girls down to Mandurah on a holiday for Friday to Monday and she pressured me by saying you never take them anywhere i asked her to come along but she wouldn’t
•went and was having a good time, when during the early hrs mia had a problem I called her mum on the mobile and on the land line with no response i called her friend to ask were she was and she told me she was in Melbourne no one had told us about her trip
•To this day I do not know what the trip was for Melbourne it was said that it was a shopping trip
•when we came back on the Monday I decide to take the advice of the psychologist and take some control back of the situation and asked Angela why she had been to Melbourne and was she seeing another man from the internet she was very upset
•I said i would need the car to do work around the investment home but she never really agreed
•It had been 3weeks since I had cut the grass on the investment property so I called and asked for the car she said no that wasn’t having it again I said it was in my name and I was coming round to break into it(I had said this with a raised voice)
•When i arrived i knocked and she wouldn’t open the door to the house ,I opened the back door knowing that the alarm would be activated , to stop the noise I removed the two fuses out to isolate the battery , I let the air out of the tyre on the left passenger side as I was due to change it due to it being worn ,I did this in the full knowledge that if Angela wouldn’t allow me to change the tyre or replace the fuses the RAC he would advise that the tyre needed to be changed
•Angela had called the police and they advised me that Angela had stated I was going to break down or burn down the house, what I said was I was going to break into the car(which is in fact registered to me and insured by me)
•I was issued with a order for 24hrs up until 9.00 pm the next day
•What I wasn’t aware of and I find unfair and arguably unjust is that a violent restraining order was issued on the premise of what had occurred the day before without myself having a right to comment
•Before I was issued with the RO my wife’s friend ,,,,, was the third party(on the) this person is and has not been effective whatsoever the nature of her work does not allow her to be contacted by phone(as directed my her manager) or the hrs she works she cannot be at the location for the kids to be picked up
•I have enquired about the RO and was advised that I had 21days which I promptly appealed, to date I have applied and not received the transcript, I have been advised that the court date is April 2009
•What happened next is arguably a turning point in both our relationship and subsequent breaches
•When Angela moved out she took the new computer, I had to be on line due to work commitments and used an old unused tower in the back room, during the setting up I found a range of offensive material on the computer I was extremely distressed by this an informed a range of professionals including my doctor
•I made contact through angelas sister for family comments and to pass this on
•It concerns me that their has been hardly any discussion who would do it and why?
•Yet Angela felt it necessary to protect herself and our children from me with a RO
•The interest form Angela came about when she found out that I had the police look into it and that I have asked for it to be looked at it I am still waiting for the results the have had it for about 5weeks
•Angel has stated that she wants to go to Melbourne and will do what it takes to make it happen
• I am not sure what the interest is in Melbourne as she has know friends over there
•Angela has been in contact with me by phone and text and asked me to come around xmas morning to surprise the girls
•Has dropped of xmas dinner on the boxing day
•I have expressed the view that I might not want to live in melbourrne and that I would not want the girls to go
•On the lead up to xmas I was sent some information from the uk about angelas Face Book and some comments that she had made about herself taking drugs now and while she was at school and how she described herself as a slut –bitch –hore and also she is smoking which she has never done she is showing pictures of men herself smoking ,a man grabbing her breasts this has worried me in relation to her ability to judge what she is saying what she is doing and what she is not acknowledging such as people she knows who might have been on the computer
•It is my belief that Angela has found out that I have my doubts about Melbourne, and is aware of my interest in face book, and has decided to set me up in hope that this will allow her full custody and enable her to move to Melbourne she has not allowed me contact with the children since xmas
•Contact was made mutually and the continued contact was due to concerns for the children and the possibility of moving to Melbourne
she had me arrested on new years eve for 67 breaches(none was offensive chatter to the girls etc) she has been however sumoned to answer why she breached
would like advice on what i can do and what i should do
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Re: Daring Dads TELL THE TRUTH

Postby Daveyone on Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:49 am

:lol: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/b ... itted=true better late then never I guess I have been telling them for 5 years but Jack Straw's predessecor Lord Falconer took no notice!!
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/newsd ... adIndex=26 best wishes Davey :oops:
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