Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Postby The Rooster on Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:41 am



Domestic violence a front for judicial corruption,tyranny and barbarism

How does a MAN accumulate wealth?
Works his butt off for years sometimes in filthy conditions ,long hours ,few holidays ,maybe two jobs and no time with his kids.

How can a gold digging FEMALE gain INSTANT wealth?
Make domestic violence allegations in secret family courts against an ex husband which allows her to steal his money using crooked lawyers and judges manipulating laws to ALL their financial advantage. Is it any wonder the LEGAL CROOKS use mass media propaganda to prop up their tyrannical system while massively defrauding MEN who do much more than PAPER shuffling to earn those assets over a lifetime . Assets taken by stealth while legal monsters abuse our children in that process.

The rise of domestic violence campaigns(state funded) across the western worlds mass media can be clearly seen as a front for the huge increase in judicial abuse of power in family law and ultimately the destruction of the nuclear family . This has been a well orchestrated campaign using various groups with agendas, but deviously introduced by a judiciary immune to prosecution .

The introduction of abhorrent family law rules imposed by bar and judicial councils ,in secret meetings , enforce law changes that are not in any way democratic but instigated by an isolated and fractured judiciary who are using duplicity of unjust law to destroy men in the breakdown of their relationships.

Men and the assets they have accumulated over a lifetime are at their most vulnerable soon after separation ,the judicial crooks have made it even more so over many years of rampant decay of justice in our courts. Those assets stripped from men are ultimately a judiciary STEALING our childrens future inheritance.

Anyone who has been through a breakdown in a relationship knows the heat generated from its collapse .The deviants within the judiciary have been using that heat to generate enormous abuses of judicial power when they suggest even a raised voice is enough for judges and their legal pawns (the lawyers) to help themselves to land and properties owned and accumulated over a lifetime by hard working, law abiding men.
Those men suddenly find themselves treated like criminals ,when ex partners are used to provide false and fabricated reasons for dumping their ex husbands when they get bored of the routine of marriage .

Men then face being defamed and denigrated by the master con artists in their robes and regalia who suggest they have the right to move in and help themselves to those assets by stealth .
Hence the need to have the back up of a mass media(with a few exceptions who know who they are) chanting the same mantra to ensure the continuity of that immense con.

This is far WORSE than what went on with the Third Reich in Germany during the last war,only we have a judicial controlled mass media that instead of reporting this tyrannical corruption adds fuel to the fire by further condemning millions of men thrown into destitution and separated from their children by forces that in any civilised country would be seen as utter brutality .

Instead it is the victims of that abuse of power ,our good men who face the wrath of those who fail to report the truth of what really goes on behind the closed doors of secret family court hearings.
This supposedly to protect the childrens identity when in fact it allows those tyrannical forces to asset strip on a grand scale without any means to record that billion dollar/pound fraud .

We aim to continue to EXPOSE all those who conspire to perpetrate that massive fraud against MEN worldwide and that any group or individual supporting separation of children from good fathers can only be seen as child abusers ,as the most horrendous pain a child can face is to be cut off from the guaranteed strength and protection of fathers who have, over millions of years, evolved to be the strength and protection of their children and not for those corrupt legal systems to use that strength as a means to try and undermine the rightful role of a father in his childs life . The state allow monsters to interfere in that process and is the most sinister part of it all.

IMO intend to EXPOSE worldwide with the help of lawyers within this system that in the UK ,USA and other English influenced legal systems worldwide , judges are colluding with court reporters to manufacture records of process that are patently flawed and ensure the failures of that system to accurately record evidence which allows the abuse of our children by cutting them off from the protection of good fathers castigated and defamed by corrupt judges .That ultimately leads to the asset stripping which DOES irreparable harm to a fathers funds and leads to the erosion of the fathers relationship with his children.

The LIE that is being perpetrated worldwide ,to suppress this ,is maybe the BIGGEST ever generated in the history of mankind . As it has led to the LARGEST asset stripping campaign ever undertaken outside a world war and makes the GERMAN asset stripping pale by comparison . We are witnessing in supposed western democracies a sinister PLOT to bankrupt men and destroy their lives hidden behind a wall of supposed civility . When propaganda is used against any race ,creed ,colour or gender you can be sure it is ultimately to corrupt and destroy. Not if our organisations have anything to do with restoring sanity to the madness of those legal crooks and the untold damage being done to our children by this evil.

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Re: Domestic Violence

Postby Daveyone on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:52 pm

My ex accused me of violenc eyet it was her who was prosicuted as I am a 6ft 2" trucker and never laid a hand on her yet she threw a bunch of keys my work boots and books at me resulting in a black eye for me!
She then took the kids into a refuge but when it was clear to other residents that the court had granted me weekend access to the children whilst remaining in the family home and that she was swaning about in my 4X4 they sought to have her evicted!
Trouble was when it next came to court and not of my making the judge insisted I vacated the home so as to enable the mother to return with the children though I could enjoy my weekend contact at the home and she should vacate !

You can imagine the 'fun' :twisted: we had with this and as you will know the moment yopu leave the family home (Dad) your rights leave with you and even the imposition of Parental Responsability is like court orders not worth the paper it is written on!! :roll:
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