Back to the future 4 Australia?

Back to the future 4 Australia?

Postby Daveyone on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:56 pm

Make Family Law, Social Services & Child Support Reform the NEW Australian Administration's Priority Issue for 2013!

I went through the UK Family Court for most of 2004 as like Lemmings off a cliff most Dads will try to do their best but soon after spending many thousands of Pounds on a court order that was about as valuable as Chamberlain's 'Peace in our time' declaration in 1939 as was often proved when I attempted Court imposed contact with my children that was repeatedly thwarted by the mother and the police arrested me for breach of the peace rather then insist the mother acting with good intent for the kids and allowing their Dad time with them! With no Family Justice 'Churchill' on the horizon I went in search worldwide to find where justice was being served sadly to no avail!
What I did find was the same corrupt system with greedy lawyers and incompetent court reporters from the local Social Services that the weak judges could use as scapegoats in Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Greece, and even Singapore Half of Europe, Scandinavian Countries seem to have a handle on shared parenting but total confusion ensues in both North and South of Ireland! You will Notice the motive of a New Dawn on all my publications in the hope one day we will see a New Dawn in Family Justice WORLDWIDE! http://www.daveyonefamilylawmanblogspot ... azine.html
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