Family law, why such a taboo?

Family law, why such a taboo?

Postby Daveyone on Sat Feb 28, 2009 12:36 am

It saddens me to realise that seperation causes so much grief around the world and that so called civilised countries such as here in the UK the US, Austrailia and Canada the legal system seems to fail those involved especially the kids. When will the day come when the ministries of justice realise a more balanced approach and that so often the father is as caring a parent as the mother and it is also as likley that you will find a neglectfull mother as you may a feckless father but for me the biggest sin of all is when a spiteful parent usually the mother will use her children as a weapon to get back at the Dad or hold him to ransom for cash!!
For me it is long over due that BOTH parents should be given equal oppertunity to parent their own children as in the main this is what most children would want unless there has been insidents of violence or abuse and it should only be on these occasions that the authorities need intervene. Otherwise all steps should be taken to help both parents have a reasonable amount of time ( not necessarily as rigid as every Wednesday or alternate weekends be flexible for the kids) in order to contribute to your childs welfare and education which as we all know as adults is a relativly short but crucial period of time.
I can't see much likly hood of change in Britain whilst we have this lame duck government in pwer and a justice minister who burys his head in the sand until he can make a name for himself(Jade Goody's wedding) but not necssersary the name he would hope for! but inthe meantime I will continue my independent campaign in the newspapers where modest succes has appeared in the Times ... 477635.ece and in the Daily Mail where you are more then welcome to express your views on my site thus ... adIndex=30 but make sure you register (little more to it then this site) but your views would be warmly welcomed best wishes Davey!!
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