Fuelling the Legal System Must STOP!!!

Re: Fuelling the Legal System Must STOP!!!

Postby Daveyone on Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:36 am

Here in the UK I too have recommended that all the so called professionals be boycotted!! and if the judges were truely 'Honerable' they would stop you at the courtroom door and say there is nothing for you here your just the DAD! I did a one man protest outside my ex's solicitors office once I even got the local radio involved yet the only response I got was that I had spelt something wrong on my banner.
The problem is I think that unless you have first hand experience of this you don't believe it you think justice is served as it is in magestrates or criminal court which unlike our family court is open to scrutany by the public and press.
The secret family law courts hide corruption at all levels so solicitors can plunder the legal aid system, social workers get away with erronious reports that ruin families and the police are incapable of dealing with civil law so rather then chastise a mother for witholding the kids they WILL arrest dad who has turned up for court appointed contact but if mum says no he he is causing a disturbance!
Also certainly in the UK the F4J demonstrations are regarded with distain and have proved quite counter productive Rather then ask what leads a perfectly normal caring dad to take such drastic action the news people ask what is he doing up their what would he hope to gain and ( for the one who climbed on Buckingham Palace) he is lucky he is not shot under new anti-terror laws!

I have accused the BBC of being under the government spell as they never report acuratly on this subject even when they have good cause most recently the Baby'P' case, but instead of looking at the systematic failings of social workers they just fund more and not always better ones!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/newsdebate/r/t-9963564/index.html?threadIndex=7 Wish you well in your campaign!!
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