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Both State and Federal Police are robotic tools of the legal system. When that legal system turns unfairly on innocent people, namely fathers, without logic, rhyme or reason, life can get very bad, real quick.

State Police
Since 2004 State Police have even greater powers in relation to any form of "Breach of the Peace" or violence, perceived or otherwise. Read: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5

If your wife or partner says she wants to take out an Intervention Order against you, they will remove YOU from the home, hold you at the cop shop, possibly in the lock-up, for upto 6 hours, although I'm sure this time can be extended, whilst your ex applies for and will be granted, and Intervention/AVO Order to make it legal. This may sound fair if you are a violent prick, however in many instances this is not the case, which makes this law and process harsh and unconscionable for decent fathers, who get trapped in this web of misery.

Any thought of returning home to your kids and family home from this point on, is pure illusory. From the time you are forcefully removed from the home may very well be the last time you will have normal, family contact with your children, as you once knew it.

From here, women are often directed to see a lawyer, followed by trundling off to court to get orders, which ratifies the process and justifies what the wife has done (at least in her mind), of eliminating you as a bad father from the family and with little if any contact to your children. Every case is different of course, but this is the general rule for most unsuspecting dads.

From this point on, begins an uphill battle for you to get back what you have perceivably lost, costing you as a good, yet naive and unwitting father, possibly your job, most of your income and assets if not all, your livelihood if you don't decide to throw in the towel and commit suicide or worse, to receive breadcrumbs of contact with your children, in person or on the phone, at the discretion of your ex and the court, resulting in a life of servitude and slavery, if this is the path you choose.

Federal Police
In relation to separation, Federal Police only come into play as the robot arm of Federal Court's such as the Family Court of Australia. ie. When Warrants of Arrest or Recovery Orders are issued.
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Re: Police

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The police have no business intervening in civil law as they have no powers to deal with a mother holding children back when they should be off for contact with the father thereby whyshould they suddenly be able to take the mothers word that you are harrasing her? I was told by the local cops that the law my ex had used in the past ( and which they retained me in a cell for 10 hours) was in fact designed to protect celebrities who feared being stalked as opposed to an innocent father doing what the courts have told him to do :roll: The police are unable to compute family court orders!! :cry:
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