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Family lawyers are usually the beginning of the end for your family.

Their tricks include:
1. Making you feel safe, secure, powerful and protected when under them (this works especially well with women);
2. Ascertaining your character (ie. how well they can control you);
3. Quantifying your finances/assets (ie. How much money you have, which in turn can be theirs, and the longer the litigation, the more for them and the less for you and your family);
4. Complexing matters, prolonging litigation, introducing barristers and courts;
5. Polarising mum and dad, through fuelling the animosity and instilling fear. Resulting in diminished contact, communication, restraining orders and any hope of a peaceful, timely, amicable and inexpensive resolution.

The lack of communication between mum and dad disempowers them both, preventing the healing of inadequacies and hindering growth to maturity. It usually compounds the grief, guilt and hostility of both mum and dad, hence often making any form of short and long term civil relationship, at least for the sake of the children, non-existent.

Ideally, your trick is not to be vulnerable, keep in control, get as much knowledge and advice about your situation, your rights and entitlements as possible, be calm and respectful and keep communication open and alive with your partner(ex) and come to an agreement between yourselves. Use a friendly, trusted third party for negotiations if you have to, and make sure you pay or reward them with something at the end for their troubles as it's not easy mediating. After negotiations have been finalised between the two of you, a lawyer can be used to do the necessary legal paperwork, or if it's simple you can lodge it yourself.

Remember: If a separation is amicable, a friendship may still be possible with your ex in time to come. Not now perhaps, but in time to come, this may prove fruitful.

Q. What's worse than 1 family lawyer involved in your family breakdown?
A.Two family lawyers.
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Re: Lawyers

Postby Batman on Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:37 am

To short circuit the legal process, throw any letter from your ex's lawyer in the bin, or if you have retained a lawyer, instruct the lawyer NOT to respond.

Go straight to a FAMILY RELATIONSHIP CENTRE, for example, see Relationships Australia , and apply for a mediation intake session. They will write directly to your spouse for mediation. These are non profit organisations mandated by the Family Law Act and such mediation is compulsory before any Family Court proceedings.

REFUSE to engage the blood sucking / life savings stealing ' family destroying / children removing FAMILY LAWYER scum.

CIRCUMVENT THE FAMILY LAWYERS - Go directly to a Family Relationship Centre

Q. How do you know when a family lawyer is lying?
A. His lips start moving
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Re: Lawyers

Postby Batman on Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:15 pm

This is why you should AVOID Family Lawyers - See this You Tube Clip. It is in respect to the Canadian Family Law System but the story is the same.



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Re: Lawyers

Postby Daveyone on Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:24 am

I am wth Batman on this Lawyers or fee earners as they like to be know (no compassion here) will perpetuate the process so they can plunder the legal aid fund unchallenged and after taking £35,000 from me and presumably 'her' solictor took a similar amount from the legal fund what they fail to tell you is the whole process would be reversed within a year! :twisted:
This past August I said enough is enough and rather then bring a new set of social workers into the frame just let my kids get on with their happy go lucky lives. it also gave me great pleasure to e-mail her :twisted: solicitor upon my return home and say" This is the last legal aid you f***ing paracites will be able to plunder in my kids name!" :evil: So much for the phrase " in the best interest of the children involved!" :roll: ... eadIndex=5
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