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  • Lost - A father's separating poem
  • 24/08/1998 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: admin ( 15 articles in 2001 )
Be Grateful Today!
Below is a goodbye poem by a father to his ex-wife after failed attempts to reconcile and mediate, ending a 15 year relationship.

It was written after being accused of sexual abuse of his 11 year old daughter and shortly before him obtaining interim custody of both children.

The mother left the husband and their two children for a woman; crushing them all.

It was a poem that was ultimately to be the calm before the storm in an 8+ year legal entanglement; obliterating the father, both children and paternal family.

It was a unilateral war cast upon the resident father by a warring lesbian solicitor for the mother in conjunction with a barrister that openly stated he "hated" the father.

As of 2006 the father and children are still coping with the Family Court onslaught, battling on a daily basis to piece together their fragmented lives.

The letter read:

To the One I still Love,

If you still love me but are feeling confused about everything all I ask is that you call so we both know where we stand. You don't have to destroy our family & ourselves like this if you don't want to. The BIG decision is all yours.

Nothing is ever too late if you are prepared to talk.

If I don't hear from you tonight I will assume it is all over and wish you all the best for the future. (Always remember how pure my love was for you)


Is this what you want
Are you happy inside,
I wish I could be sure
But your feelings you hide

My love is from the heart
The candle is alight, but low
As time creeps by
The flame will go

Don't diminish it's heat
For it will be cold & dark
It awaits your breath
To create a spark
And 'BANG' away it 'll go.

I try to be strong & endure I must
For I fear between us there is no trust

The children I love immensely
That I must confess
But without you by my side
Makes my life one big mess

I can't say I'm sorry - as this time
It's gone too far
The lies you have said
Will undoubtedly leave a scar

If I was at fault, I would be the first to blame
But with a woman I cannot compete
A lifestyle of being second best
I certainly won't try & beat

I guess this is the end
My most precious & dearest friend
I hope your partners will always be by your side
Ready to die for you and defend.

Use to think that life was sweet,
Use to think we were so complete,
I can't believe, you'd throw it away

Use to feel we had it made,
Use to feel we could sail away,
Can you imagine how I feel today

Well it seems along time ago when
you were the lonely one
Now it comes to letting go, you are
the only one
Do you know what you've got?

Well it really doesn't matter to me
I guess your leavin' was meant to be
It's down to you now, do you wanna be free?

Well I hope you know which way to go
You're on your own again
Don't come cryin to me
When you're the lonely one
Remember what you got.

It's so sad we don't talk anymore!

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