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  • Power of Lies!
  • By Mike Kelly & Toon Of RFFJ
  • 02/09/2010 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 6 articles in 2010 )
01 September 2010: Rffj demand public inquiry
Category: News Posted by: Toon

Rffj demand public inquiry into the case of social worker coercion of child to implicate an innocent parent.

Last month the Scotsman reported a case where a father was implicated in sickening allegations that could've seen him jailed for several years, the allegations turned out to be a total fabrication by his former partner. >Link to item<

Rather worryingly, further investigations by police uncovered a series of emails from the mother's legal team, her lawyer had asserted that should she invent allegations against her former partner the case would go her way.

What happened next was mother made statements implicating the father, making several wild allegations of sexual abuse, she allowed their daughter to be subjected to a series of intrusive examinations and intensive questioning by police and social workers.

The girl, who was 5 years old at the time of questioning, consistently denied any wrong doing by her father, under court scrutiny the judge said the methods used during questioning were flawed and amounted to coercion, he ordered that social worker Tracey Black be removed from child protection duties and the police officers retrained.

Rffj spokesman Mike Kelly said


    By:John and Fae Mitchell from NSW, Australia on October 5, 2010 @ 2:23 pm
    Our son is now in custody for a crime against his daughter that he did not commit. We have a legal system here in Australia BUT not a justice system!
    He is now in the Adelaide SA remand centre waiting for sentence, all because he asked for a divorce from a deranged and vindictive wife.
    The wife who was herself sexually abused by her father as a child has decided to play out her experiences and blame her husband, our son.
    The law is an ass!...

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