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  • Terrorists within corrupts all!
  • By Daveyone
  • 20/09/2010 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 6 articles in 2010 )
Be Grateful Today!
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This week has proved a tough one for me in so much as I have heard testimony from many friends around the world about how the Family Courts have separated them from their children. These are all good honest caring folk who have gone through the process they believed was in the "best interest of their children" only to end up losing their kids and so much more besides. I have often described this as being like if you imagine your world is inside one of those crane machines you see at the seaside that you put in a coin to lift out a prize but instead the system removes your world leaving you to gaze out of your now empty world as your watch all that is precious to you pass by but you can't touch you can speak you cannot be involved ..Yet you have done nothing wrong and nor have your kids!

My conversations have taken place with friend's as far a field as Dade County Florida, New York City, Singapore, Sydney Australia, and Australian Plains by a father who's daughters were snatched in New Zealand, Leicestershire England, and Ontario Canada!
This week for me as on 19th September is the 36th month to the day my sons went awol along with as well as my birthday 23rd so intend to use this week to highlight PAS vawareness to those who don't know and appeal to help from everyone!

Whilst Governments seek to make drastic cut backs to regular men and women in essential works, after all it is they through their taxes that have propped up the financial services and banks, they seem oblivious to the hidden terrorists in our midst that can wreck families yet reap such massive rewards!
The process starts at the family Solicitor /Lawyer's office they are willing take on your case at rates akin to what footballers earn whilst you sustain such a modest income they promise you unachievable outcomes from court that at best leave you heartbroken at worst bankrupt to the point of ...well pointlessness. Another aspect all too often brushed under the carpet is the number of people who take their own lives as a result and still more tragic take a child's with them!
Yet still the system rolls on and you have no course of redress if you complain to the Law Society they will tell you they can't act as a solicitor may sue them but the law society has no teeth to regulate solicitors so they go unchecked.

Next in order to prop up this blatant scandal they will introduce you to Social Services and so called court reporters from the CSF dept in the local council the very same incompetents responsible for child welfare issues including Baby Peter, Khyra Ishaq and if you like Raoul Moat give that a though for a while! Worst still you will meet those from Tony Blair's 10 year old brainchild CAFCASS, a process I would not wish on anyone, my particular adviser was divorced and her ex- husband was a member of FNF so what chance impartiality? None but funnily enough Petre Hoskins interviewed a similarly divorced CAFCASS officer on her show a few weeks ago on LBC. CAFCASS in my view should be disbanded and I for one will not rest till it is!

The most dangerous aspect to all this is the secrecy designed, rightfully so, to protect the vulnerable children swept up in separations, but wrongfully so, so all the so called professional and agencies you become swept up with use this to hide their own shortfalls and failures all the way up to the judge, who need not make a robust or substantial contribution at all as he/she can always use the contributions from a court reporter as their scapegoat and explanation as to why they have ruled in such a way and there is in reality is no case for appeal as one judge will not undermined his colleague in the same pit of blatant corruption!

Then you will find that when a mother (most often but a few Dads do it too) withholds her children from the father Lord Justice Ward will bleat on (as he has in two recent news items) That "Vengeful mothers leave good fathers powerless to see child", says judge

So what is he one of our most eminent law makers going to do about it ? Well along with his cronies Wall, Woolf & Munby or the previous Lord Chancellor Jack Straw ( except his whoop and a grunt open court policy) and his predecessor Lord Falconer who did absolutely ............................NOTHING!
So there you have it rotten to the core top to bottom and no accountability to anyone, then the Government propaganda machine will swing into overtime via the BBC saying why is there Broken Societies why are our kids so unruly where has their respect and our discipline gone that past generations had 30 or 40 years ago? This is the terror within which like a tsunami is sweeping our streets daily yet the very people who should be putting this right have a vested or more often financial reason not to!

Governments, Law Makers, Solicitors, Barristers, judges, council leaders, social workers, CAFCASS, CAMHS, school heads and G.P's should all hold their heads in shame for their complicity and it is the duty of every mother and father to seek justice in the TRUE best interest of the children not the fantasy expressions of same perpetrated in our family courts!

and what of our religions are they going to keep turning a blind eye?

Dedicated to David, Eric, Martin ,Wee, Vanessa, Donald, James, Steve and Bryan and on the day I reach my 36th month of PAS to my own sons!


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