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  • Pedophile granted child custody
  • By David Nankervis
  • South Australian Sunday Sun
  • 09/11/2010 Make a Comment (3)
  • Contributed by: The Rooster ( 11 articles in 2010 )
A FAMILY Court judge has granted custody of four children to their father - a convicted pedophile and rapist.

The mother of the four youngsters, all aged under 15, requested custody at a recent Family Court hearing in Adelaide.

The unsuccessful application was made not long after the children's father was found guilty in the Adelaide District Court of multiple sex offences against a minor.

A transcript of the Family Court hearing shows the presiding judge was aware of the father's convictions and that he was on bail awaiting sentencing.

Further details, including the names of the family, cannot be legally reported. The mother and her current husband also both have criminal records.

However, child support groups have condemned the idea that a convicted pedophile could be granted custody of any child.

Victim Support Service SA said the community would be "alarmed" at a situation where a pedophile was allowed to care for children.

"Our organisation would be worried too about that, and we would want to know about the reasoning and rationale behind such a decision and what steps are in place to protect any child in such circumstances," the service's chief executive Michael Dawson said.

"I would think it is inappropriate for someone with a previous history - through conviction of crimes against children - to be provided with the opportunity to supervise children.

"From my personal experience, I've never heard of any such case before."

The Australian Childhood Foundation also expressed serious concern about the risks pedophiles pose to children, particularly in an unsupervised environment.

"Convicted pedophiles can't work as a teacher, be a foster carer or footy coach, because society recognises that past behaviour is the best indicator of future risk," foundation chief executive Joe Tucci said.

"So as a matter of principal, children shouldn't be in unsupervised contact or custody of an adult with convictions for sexual assault against children."

Mr Tucci said courts should err on the side of caution and treat convictions of sexual assault against children as a "red light" when deciding what is in a child's best interest.

A spokeswoman for the Family Court said judges could only award custody of a child to those parties who applied for it.

"If a judge has concerns about a child's welfare, they cannot make an order that a child be put in the care of the state," the spokeswoman said.

"A judge can ask but not compel a state welfare department to intervene if they believe a child is at risk of abuse or neglect."

The Department of Families and Communities said the Family Court may advise it of any "child protection concerns (the court has) about a child".

"Families SA assesses the notification like any other and takes action if necessary," a department spokesman said.

"Also, the Family Court may make a formal request that the Department of Families and Communities become a party to a case.

"If DFC accepts the request and becomes a party, it then makes representations to the court about what is in the best interests of the child or children."


    By:charlena from maryland, united states on April 5, 2012 @ 3:50 pm
    If someone was writing a summary in their own words on this article how would you summarize it, and put this article in your own words. I'm having the hardest time trying to make six sentence out of the this article.
    By:Bill from QLD, OZ on August 13, 2011 @ 9:37 pm
    What relationship and background to the children are these so called kidnappers?

    and how old are the kids?

    Be nice to know some more info too as this sounds like some serious shit that needs to be righted.

    It's always a 3 ring circus in the FC. Unless you've experienced it first hand inside FC, the public has absolutely no idea of the racket that goes on in there. If it wasn't so serious it, it would be hilarious and on TV.
    By:Larry and Jodi from NSW, Australia on August 13, 2011 @ 2:17 pm
    I am writing to inform ALL PARENT GROUPS of an obsolutely recent insane decision made by a family court Judge ( Justice Johnson of Paramatta Family Courts )who had granted two kidnappers ( neither one the biological parents) full custody of my partner's children. What makes this even more insane, the kidnapper's husband is her previous step father who had be charged with Child sexual abuse, a pedophile, who had also served two prison terms! Justice Johnson ignored all the evidence presented during a 5 day trial and the pleads from the FAMILY APPOINTED PYSCOLOGIST that the children should be removed immediately from the kidnappers becauce they were at serious risk of being sexually and mentally abused!!! In granting full custody to the kidnappers the Judge had denied both biological parent from ever seeing their children again and both biological parent niether have a criminal record or have done anything wrong!!! On top of this there were previous parenting orders between both biological parent and once again Justice Johnson ignore the previous orders!!! This is not only an absolute disgrace but also a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS!!

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