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  • Protests at proposed family law changes
  • By Siobhan Duck
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • 01/01/2011 Make a Comment (2)
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* Government to change family law
* To be harder for fathers to secure 50-50 custody
* Easier for women to raise concerns about violence

FURIOUS dads' groups say proposed national custody laws will create another stolen generation of children.

The Federal Government is considering laws that could make it harder for fathers to secure 50-50 custody of their children, and easier for women to raise concerns about violence, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said the move followed the release of three reports looking into family law issues such as shared parenting and domestic violence.

But Lone Fathers' Association president Barry Williams said the suggested changes would be "feminism gone mad" and merely a return to an old system that favoured the rights of the mother over those of the father and the children.

He said his group of more than 16,000 members - men and women - and other fathers' and grandparents' rights groups across Australia would form a coalition to fight the changes.

"It's a backwards step and it will result in a huge backlash towards the Labor Government," he said.

"Most people in Australia agree that shared custody is the best option.

"The Government needs to remember we are voters and it will not be in their best interest to go ahead with proposed changes."

He said the rights of children should be the most important factor. "I have seen many children suffer because they have not been allowed contact with their fathers," he said.

"It's creating a second stolen generation."

One of the reports urged the Government to soften the law that deters parents, usually women, from making allegations about violent behaviour by the other parent.

The Family Court may also be asked to apply a new "triage" system to more quickly assess urgent risks relating to violence, relocation, substance abuse or mental health issues.

Mr Williams agreed families should be sent for immediate mediation and counselling when there was any suggestion of abuse so that the child's needs were properly assessed.

But he said accusations of violence and abuse should be proven in court before a parent lost access to their children.

He said many innocent fathers lost custody rights because of false accusations.

"When relationships breakdown bitterness comes in," he said. "We are in no way supportive of children remaining in a violent situation -we just want charges to be proved before the parent loses access to their child."


    By:steven john adams from Queensland, australia on July 11, 2012 @ 3:40 pm
    my name is steven john adams and in MY apinone what the goverment the so called leagle in the country are doind is DIVIED AND CONCORE see u take the fathers out of the househouled so the women has to be suported by the goverment sould i say tax paers lets face it . now i would like to say abite about my cercomestances i have a son and a dauther who i love whith all my hart. there mother as far as im concernd was and still is nothing but a dirty thivine howe. now i will explane what i mean she rings me up saying theve keekt me and the babys out can we stay at my place till she gets on her feet,isay ok only so my kids have a roof over there heads so anyway her 14year old who is pregnet takes the mane room any way im getting of trak i let her move in no rent i come home from work and all iv got left in my house is my boxfrizzer so she steales every thing iv worket for for the last 20 years so i go dowen to wodridge cop shop where i ask them to get my stolen propety back and the cop gos no u will have to go to court , thats descriminasion agenst us. the time i whent to court i was LATE so i never got my day in court never got to have my say ,how is this justise the thing that was sitting that day go i cant see my babys for 2years all cus i called my x partner a f---en sl-- whitch if i had my day in court i could easly proven. but i beleave whot the goverment is doing is nothing short of TRESON to the fathers of all these kids ,now dont u dare for get about the cover up about the peterfile ring hear in australa whitch has in its mist gugese lawer doctors police and so on whitch thay still wont let the public now how these pepole are so u can bet your butt all thouse peterfiles are still working as jugese police and so on and these are the pepole we are supose to trust whith ower babys anyone how cares about all azzy kids should stand up and fight for ower children . im not relidgess, my children are my imortality my email adress is for ay dad who needs some one to talk to who nows it no our fult
    By:Jeremy from WA, AUS on January 4, 2011 @ 8:29 pm
    lawyers, psychs, polis, journos, none of them really have a clue, or if they do they choose not to show it. Lawyers and Courts in 95% of cases are never the answer for children and separating families. Education, programs, some therapy and proper help with rebuilding people;s lives and careers. Not just letting parents rot after the battle and huge losses.

    A new approach and better process than Family Courts is what's needed. But hey, an industry that wants to loot your family of all its assets and lives too mind you, will never provide a solution contrary to their well being. Ok parents, im afraid its up to you to be smart... A long shot for some but hey, what are the present alternatives? God bless you all.

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