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  • Men - and their hidden silence
  • 05/08/2011 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: PrincePlanet ( 3 articles in 2011 )
Be Grateful Today!
Is the typical man someone with cash in his pocket, a nice car, a girl hanging off his arm or perhaps a home and family? Maybe someone who runs a business working long and hard, has accumulated a few assets, feels strong, powerful and in control, driven and busy, doing what he wants and when he wants?

Does this outer shell of a man reflect the majority of men? Is this what a man truly is?

Will most men ever get to transcend all the levels they have at their disposal, or will they just settle for what they know, have been taught and what their genetic blueprint foreshadows for them?

Is it what a woman wants? The protective and secure feeling that a female needs, either consciously or unconsciously?

Is it what a healthy society yearns for and is it what the man himself craves for — to reveal himself for what he truly is and be the best he possibly can or hide himself in some cave on an unknown map?

Or is he a child at times to be nurtured regardless of his age? To be held close to a woman's bosom drawing on her love to complete him, supplying him with strength to go out and complete the world, to make it a better place for all?

Is it this outer shell of a man that really needs to be portrayed to the external world or is it the peace that he must find within that truly serves as the holy grail?

What is really the 'piece of resistance' for all, that a man must supply? The dutiful component of his existence and genetic makeup that he must satisfy.

Or is it the inner soul of a human creature we typecast as a male that we long for, notwithstanding whether we despise him and throw everything at him?

Is it purely just his presence that we are really here for? A statement not meant as an egocentrical remark but as an insight from the deepest of all wells.

Is man nothing but an instrument that invokes feelings in another?

Is a man's purpose nothing more than give rise to a woman's presence and what she may do, cast and say?

Perhaps a man has integrity — perhaps not, one who may give his life for another — or perhaps not. Maybe it's what is expected of a man and what he as a man, and every man give?

Well there you have it — the stereotypical man or father perceived over many centuries. Or so many people think, or have come to be genetically attracted to, especially those young and naive girls.

But really, what maketh the man, on an inner and deeper level?

Is the desire for a woman or purpose really there to serve and find out what a man is really all about, or just simply have him there to meet her needs?

How many men are in touch with their heart, not just their head?

How many know about their fear and can utilise it to have fear serve them, and not hinder their life.

How many can feel the freedom to express what they feel?

How many men can articulate how they feel with another?

Is there a role model a man and father has to aspire to?

Does another really understand the hell a man goes through to experience the whole of life, from his self to his children and back to himself and then to serve others before that of himself?

Beside women, sex, work, sport, cars and finances what do men really talk about?

Are men a hollow tree? A rough and tough exterior, yet nothing inside or are men a world of everything to be explored and cherished by any woman or person who comes near and really sees that pot of gold that lay before them?

    By:Will B from SA, Australia on August 19, 2011 @ 3:46 pm
    Decent guys who are kind and caring get abused by both men and women. No wonder they shut people out & keep to themselves. Society hasn't yet learnt & woken up!

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