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  • By Daveyone; Family Lawman.
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  • 07/09/2011 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 1 article in 2011 )
If my experience of Family Court injustice is replicated in every town, in every county here in the UK, and then throughout the world is it any wonder why society as a whole is imploding on it’s self, the terrorist from with in you might call it! Daveyone.

Having spent £35,000 in family court to attain a joint residency order, 50/50 contact and shared care agreement, in the knowledge that the mother of my children would never act in a conciliatory way, I went on to provide a second family home just 1/2 mile away and close to both schools. I worked in the belief I was doing what was in my children’s best interest by showing them stability and a seamless relationship even after separation from their mother.

Jumping through every hoop the Family Justice system had to offer, I went about arranging flexible working opportunities so I was always able to attended for contact and any school function such as parents evenings, sports days, school plays, etc.The whole process put a great stain on me but nonetheless I did my best until the whole process bankrupted me to the tune of £70,000.

My ex was able to capitalise from this by attaining the former family home for a peppercorn rate whilst I had to rely on early access to a private pension fund to avoid my own home being repossessed. I was advised of both these arrangement in the same days post in 2005.

Today I noted the former family home which was marketed in the local paper/estate agents has now been sold and as this is now mortgage free shall benefit my ex and her new partner to the tune of £240,000 whilst the CSA continues to purse me for £7,000 in back payments. They fail to consider all the expenditure I have encured over the past 7 years or indeed the fact my ex has wilfully withheld my children for almost 4 years knowing this rates her as a single parent with sole care and can make the most of all the system has to offer in legal aid and CSA support. I once again stand to lose my home and few possessions!

Before our leaders take a pop at feckless fathers maybe they should also consider the self serving mothers who fail to have their children’s best interest at heart!!

As part of my One Man Dad protest, it is clear to me that it is probably too late to restore any form of relationship with my lost boys, but I am more then happy to highlight my experience’s which I believe are among the worst in Family Justice and too this end would seek to focus the world’s attention on all the dads, families and crucially the seldom heard children affected by this injustice. At this slow news time I am also happy for the Murdoch empire to be used to publish our stories worldwide until justice is served!


    By:JohnnyBgood from nsw, australia on September 7, 2011 @ 7:46 pm
    Onya Davey for highlighting your plight and exposing this rubbish tip system they call 'Family Law'. It's a bureaucratic title that really shouldn't have the word family contained in it dirtying such a symbolic and pure thing just isn't right.

    Sorry to hear about your loss with your money, house, kids and CSA after your bacon. They are all a useless bunch of thieves, liars and tricksters as far as I'm concerned. They all should be burned at the stake.

    It sounds like you were trying to do the right thing with two houses nearby and no doubt other common sense strategies which have been slammed in your face.

    Justice will only be served when all these wicked people have their heads cut off like the French did to people during the French revolution.

    You are not alone Davey, many of us good folk have had the cue stuck up our rear, but alas the rebel force grows.

    Movies like "Star Wars" are shown for a reason. To give insight, hope, faith and solutions against such evil that roams our universe.

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