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  • Is there a wolf in sheep's clothing in the house?
  • 22/11/2011 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Lost-IN-Space ( 2 articles in 2011 )
A wolf in disguise fooling those it intends to eat, or betray
Be Grateful Today!
Can you pick the wolf in sheep's clothing in the picture at the bottom of this article?

With Barack Obama's own country the good ol' US of A going down the toilet at an alarming rate, no doubt planned by some, is it wise in the name of common sense, fairness, peace, freedom, justice and prosperity that Australians associate with such a man and a leader of what?

For while his own country is in such rack n ruin, should he not be there? But alas, is it the plan and intention of this American president and those he really works for, to make the lives of all Americans better? Hmmm...

With the ever growing numbers of people in America continuing to suffer, their tolerance to betrayal from their so called leaders, government and others who hide in the dark with their dirty little secrets, has now been wearing thin for some time.

For consciousness can be in direct proportion to suffering. The greater you suffer the greater you can awaken, with many Americans doing both.

What ultimately is the killer of faith and hope that people have, is the lack of honesty and truth from their leaders at the top, the ones they idolize and perceive as their saviours, as though Jesus has somehow returned to set them free to live in a world of paradise.

Whilst many Americans have been at their breaking point and in survival mode for sometime now from the strain of such events as 911, the 2008 economic downturn as banks are bailed out leaving ordinary families to hold the can and perish, and hoards of other negative effects that Americans could recite with ease, the American spirit remains strong and will endure if they can unite, stick together and get back to basics of simple living, honest values and fearing not.

For over this past decade, at the very least, the collective consciousness of the American people has been certainly raising like wild fire, as has all around the world, with the credibility of the negative aspects of the American establishment and unfair monetary systems self destructing before our very eyes. Those in decay with it may certainly refuse to acknowledge this fact, however as we know, denial is a powerful force.

America, as a Superpower was an institution no doubt many either voluntarily wanted to believe in or were induced into doing so. And why not? America on the face of it has historically been a country of many freedoms, opportunities and advancement, save this past decade and the inside assassination of JFK, the loss of a real leader.

Obama is the most recent in line of puppets for which many around the world who are still asleep would do well if they just woke up and stopped believing in the tooth fairy, and that all sheep with a big smile are innocent, don't have ulterior motives and mean you no harm. Ok - point taken, this may be called politics.

Although it's not purely Obama himself of course, for he's only a puppet dancing to the tune of those above him, there are bigger world agendas at play. However, Australians would do well to start opening all their senses including their minds and trusting their intuition about what is really unfolding and start to shed their ignorant and apathetic ways of the past, like the wool of a sheep's back before Australians are too seduced into a negative spiral and down a path that may not be in the interests of freedom, peace and prosperity for the majority of Australians and future generations to come.

Quite frankly Julia Gillard's flirty antics with Obama is not only sickly and pathetic, it certainly undermines the remainder of any credibility she may have in the eyes of not only the Australian people but also on the world stage. If there any real leaders in the house of Australia, for now is the time to stand up, providing sensible and clear direction that sets up a proper infrastructure that benefits the lives of all Australians.

Who knows, Australia may help to lead the rest of the world down a path of what true humanity is all about, not like all this other hocus pocus that is continually being played out.

It's time to grow up people of planet Earth!

    By:Bill from QLD, Aust on November 23, 2011 @ 7:11 am
    What's in a name - the late Rodney Dangerfield exclaimed in one of his many comedy skits. Apparently alot!

    Barack Obama... what an unusual name. "Barack for me" is one inference with another being the baracks in the Army as to somehow be useful in connecting with the troops and being the icon needed for morale, in addition to the symbol of presidency. There may be other meanings as well.

    As for Obama, fancy having a name like this after the perceived monster Osama Bin Laden. A coincidence. I think not. Not when people at the top can afford the best marketing and psychology money can buy.

    But why close to this dictator I wondered. Could it be a linkage, a constant reminder to the people of the alleged massacres that Bin Laden committed? A way to keep the fear instilled and recirculating unconsciously, as if to keep the hatred, pain and confusion alive? As when people are in this vulnerable state, they are more prone to follow the crowd and weak leadership without too many questions or good decision making.

    Once the association is first made in the mind, then Obama now becomes the hero with his wonderful promises relieving the insecurities of most people, quickly shooting him to the elevated status of the messiah or some Godly almighty powerful saviour.

    Altho I'm no psych, I strongly believe his name has been manufactured for a specific agenda, political and controlling purposes. Some definitive and irrefutable proof to the contrary would be nice.

    I wonder whether it was his real name prior a few years before his debut in politics.

    It's almost a politically generated or designed name isn't it, and the ultimate in subliminal and suggestive programming for the masses. Very clever whoever thought of the name.

    One thing is for sure, as time rolls by, the cracks in Barack's armour will appear. Whether the people will be awake to notice them is another story.

    Bahh Bahh Barack back to the states to answer the many questions people want answers to, namely why their country and liberties are going down the shoot, and want a better deal!

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