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  • Sir John Walsh of Brannagh -- A COMMON LAW BARRISTER?
  • By John Wilson
  • 23/03/2011 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 7 articles in 2011 )
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Sir John Walsh of Brannagh (2:49)

-----Original Message-----
From: John Wilson []
Sent: 16 March 2011 12:48

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,


One might think that to be an oxymoron.... especially in Australia, where the Banks and the Judges have comprehensively annihilated any semblance of English Common Law to imprison us, steal our property and destroy all our Christian values, with willing assistance of the entire venal and narcissistic legal profession.

Here is one man amongst that lot who has the guts to stand up and say, "No. You can't do that!".

Attached is a document which is the work of that one man .... a barrister by the name of Sir John Walsh of Branagh. Read it, and you be the judge whether he is the real thing or not.

He has represented me on two occasions, pro bono.

Once when I was unlawfully imprisoned in the Silverwater Correctional Centre for 6 weeks by a Parramatta Local Court Magistrate called Anthony Marsden. His airfares and accommodation were paid for by my friends. He appeared for me in the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney for a Bail Application.

The other time he appeared for me was at the Parramatta District Court for the day when Judge Christopher John Armitage unlawfully sentenced me following a total farce of a trial, three moths earlier. I told Armitage that I did not consent to him sentencing me ... and, of course, "Judge" Armitage disregarded all that.

Again, John Walsh acted pro bono, with expenses raised by my friends.

Oh and yes, the Crown Solicitor threatened John Walsh that he would be charged with Contempt of Court if the Challenge to the Jurisdiction of the Court, that I had filed on July 12, was not withdrawn. He asked for an adjournment and I decided to withdraw the Challenge, at that time ... but, of course, I have re-filed it in the Court of Criminal Appeal where, on February 10, this year, my Appeal was dismissed and I was told I have to ask permission from a Judge to appeal against this criminal conviction.... any sane free man must be hitting his head at all this!

By my experiences, I found barrister John Walsh to be forthright to the point of acknowledging wholesale injustices prevail in our courts.

On that day at Parramatta, he accepted the help volunteered by a young law graduate, Sarah Forster, who has since left our shores.

Over in England, there is a growing wave of rebellion against the destruction of Common Law that reminds one of this same breed of men when they were colonists in North America in the 18th century when, in a document called "The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America", Thomas Jefferson wrote, as the Grounds for their War of Independence, things like: "For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury:" and "For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments:", etc..

At this stage in our history... and with the Lawful Rebellions that are taking place, here and, more energetically, in England .... the writing is on the wall that the Evil Empire of the Banks and Judges is about to collapse.

I do so pray that this can happen without "blood on the wattle" .... but it won't be won without a Battle Royal.

Our so-called Judges and Magistrates, who aren't evil-to-the-core, are cowards.

I say, "so-called Judges and Magistrates", because, to be legitimately appointed, the Privy Council had to have issued Orders for the appointments of executive representatives to Australia (being the Governors-General and the State Governors) who, in turn appoint the Judges and Magistrates .... but the Privy Council openly confirm that they have made NO such Orders. Sir John Walsh raised this very question in the NSW Supreme Court when he represented me for that Bail Application, in 2009. He also argued the illegality of variable interest rate loan contracts. The only reason he did not continue with his presentation was because I interrupted proceedings by telling the court by video link (because I was still in prison in Silverwater) that I had been granted Bail in the Parramatta Local Court the previous day by the same "Magistrate" who had arbitrarily imprisoned me 42 days earlier. Sir John asked, "Then why are you still in prison?" and he had to hurriedly dispatch John Bauskis on the task of getting me released by 8:00 PM that night.

To find a barrister with the intelligence and courage to Defend the Right ..... as defending the right ought to be defended .... is rare, indeed.

Once Common Law is brought back to its position of prominence, by a win here and a win there, there will be an avalanche of lawyers who will change sides - once they see that their ship is sinking.

We need COMMON LAW BARRISTERS to side with us ... but, to date, there are none.

Sir John Walsh of Branagh has nailed his colours to the mast, in the form of the document attached to this email.

Let's send those pirates to the bottom!

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

Attachment: Australian Constitutional Trust

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