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  • Policewoman wins fight against Eastlink speed camera
  • By Paul Tatnell
  • 05/09/2011 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: George ( 1 article in 2011 )
A POLICEWOMAN has successfully beaten one of Melbourne's most controversial speed cameras, thanks to the evidence of a work experience student.

Senior Constable Faye Pitman was fighting allegations she was caught speeding at 106km/h in June 2009 by a speed camera on Eastlink, reported the Herald Sun.

She claimed she had cruise control set on 98km/h.

In a surprise twist, her lawyers called on Flinders High School student Erin McKernan who was in the car at the time on work experience.

In evidence which proved crucial to he case, Ms McKernan told the court she looked at the cars speedometer shortly before the bridge.

She claimed Ms McKernan was traveling between 95 and 96 km/h.

Lawyers for Sen-Constable Pitman also produced collaboration data done on the car that showed the speedometer was .25km/h off.

But prosecutor Rob Taylor argued tests done on the camera showed it to be accurate. He also cited an Auditor-General's report which backed the camera.

Mr Taylor also argued evidence by Ms Pitman and Ms McKernan was 'slight and unconvincing' and differed to an earlier statement given to police.

But Magistrate Gerrard Bryant said he found the testimonies of Sen-Constable Pitman and Ms McKernan to be accurate and combined with the collaboration data, was enough to create reasonable doubt.

In dismissing the charges, he said he did not believe the ruling would open up a flood gate of similar cases.

An emotional Sen-Constable Pitman did not comment outside court.

Originally published as Policewoman wins speed camera fight


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