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  • Jurors ponder horror of Arthur Freeman case
  • By Patrick Carlyon
  • Herald Sun
  • 09/03/2011 Make a Comment (71)
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Arthur Freeman arrives at the Melbourne Supreme Court.
Be Grateful Today!

»Read who is responsible for Darcey Freeman's Death?

THE man who tossed his four-year-old daughter from the West Gate Bridge appears to sit in a static glow.

Arthur Freeman has retooled his appearance since that terrible day.

He wears a beard now. His hair is no longer cut short. Brown locks, streaked blond, fluff out above the collar of his black suit. Errant strands on his crown stand skywards.

He shuffled into the Supreme Court yesterday, broad across the shoulders, thick through the body.

He settled into a non-committal expression to hear conflicting viewpoints about the horror that still haunts those who cross the West Gate Bridge each day.

We say horror because that is how Freeman's lawyer, David Brustman, SC, described his client's actions. For the defence and prosecution agree Freeman killed his daughter.

His murder trial will hinge on a simple question with no simple answers: Why?

Darcey Iris Freeman

Freeman's expression did not shift when Mr Brustman described his actions as those of a man who was "mentally impaired" and incapable of distinguishing right and wrong.

Nor did it change when the prosecution alleged he was a murderer, or when his daughter's last conscious moment was likened to that of a rag doll.

Yet when the courtroom was shown a police video, the corners of Freeman's mouth turned downward.

The cameraman had filmed the view downwards, from where Darcey Freeman fell - the equivalent of 17 storeys.

The Yarra sparkled green-blue; industrial skylines shimmered grey. The seven minutes of footage was silent. Several jurors raised hands to mouths.

Freeman's blue eyes appeared to acquire a rheumy moisture common to people more than twice his age.

As he stared at the screen, a family member stared at him from the public gallery.

Darcey's grandfather, Wayne Barnes, grimaced and glowered only metres behind Freeman. He gripped the rail in front.

Freeman's trial looms as a showdown of psychiatrists, some of whom will say he was "mad", as Mr Brustman argues; others, that he was not.

The question of Freeman's culpability, it seems, hangs on three adjectives: did he consciously, voluntarily, and deliberately kill?

Mr Brustman said the jury's role was "difficult" and "unenviable", and he urged them to put aside emotion, sympathies and prejudices.

"This will be no doubt one of the most difficult things that you . . . will have to do, one would think, in your lives," he said.

This was among the most jolting realisations of yesterday's proceedings.

Another was this: nothing resolved in a court of law can bring back a little girl who looked a lot like the dad who killed her.


    By:Paul from Qld, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:10 pm
    When I heard about this on the news, my first thought was that he just got off the phone from his ex. And as it turned out that was exactly what happened, he was late with the children, she was telling him what a loser he was and in response, he did the most horrible thing he could (or anyone else) imagine. And immediately regretted it, drove his surviving children back to what he thought was the scene of the crime, The Family Court building. Asked a security guard to look after his sons and then fell completely apart as he realised what he had done.

    The Family Court system is without doubt stacked against men and particularly men like Arthur Freeman, who whilst intelligent, don't have the social and organisational skills to survive such a challenge. Here was a man, who despite loving his partner and children, found that he lost them all and he no doubt wondered how he ended up in such a place when his intentions were just the opposite.

    Whilst I found his spur of the moment actions horrific, I feel some sympathy for this man and all he went through to get to that point. And for everybody to say that he never said sorry, look at his last actions of making sure his other children were safe before giving in to the self imposed horror that came upon him knowing that he had just killed his daughter. Yes he did it and knows he did and I'm sure regretted it immediately and every minute since then.

    This is a pitiful story and nobody involved in it can feel good about themselves and their actions. Least of all Arthur Freeman but the others as well
    70. By:Bruno from queensland, australia on June 3, 2013 @ 6:25 am
    Judging by the wrinkles on this man's forehead, he is obviously challenged. Poor man and god bless his soul.
    By:Rambo from NSW, AUS on April 18, 2011 @ 9:07 am
    NO APOLOGIES NEEDED JOHNSIE!! You're amongst people who know how it feels - some of us better than others. Anytime you need to let it out do so! There will be no criticism or restrictions on people airing and sharing their feelings and getting angry as you need to say what's on your mind, as this is what this site is for.
    By:johnsie from qld, oz on April 17, 2011 @ 2:21 pm
    Cheers Pete bit worked up yesterday bout kids and csa wantin extra money as if i dont give enuf now. kids mother being a right royal pain in da butt. Just wanting extra time on daughters birthday yet wouldnt be in it. nothin much changes does it!
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on April 17, 2011 @ 8:29 pm
    totally agree Ragnvald. Religion has been a curse for centuries granted, although the bible does have some good themes, messages and wisdom if we all follow them the right way.

    But more importantly, what are we to do to prevent the next dad or mum from doing some inexplicable and heinous deed to a child, partner or other innocent person? IS there a solution?
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on April 17, 2011 @ 7:48 pm
    Holy Moly this freeman thing touches some deep feelings alright. A more understandable thing would have been wasting the lawyers involved. especially those that get a kick out of knocking men & families around. Now that would have been more effective and we'd probably all wanna pin a medal on him, not spit on him after givin him a floggin for the cowardly & monsterous thing he did.
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    Aaah - everybody is to blame now!. Right and wrong is not an illusion, it is a determination which we as a society make as to what behaviours are acceptable and which are not and the fundamental rule is that we do not cause harm to others. Whether the harm is physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or in any other way. Religious organisations tend to be at the forefront of causing harm to people, whether it is priests sexually abusing children, witch-hunts of innocent women and men, or genocides in the Americas and elsewhere. They are also experts in mind control and brainwashing, with a great deal of oppression and domination thrown in and extreme control by instilling fear. Some of the worst crimes against humanity have been committed by religious organisations and they continue to do so. They oppress sections of the population, usually based on gender, and discriminate against those sections.
    Freeman was entirely responsible for his own actions and has been punished accordingly - no excuses, and no blaming of others.
    By:Will B from SA, Australia on April 17, 2011 @ 9:18 am
    Whilst this man Freeman may have been guilty as sin with many issues of his state of mind already been canvassed, Freeman was still a product of his environment — the community as a whole, his tribe and the people closest to him.

    So when we are to look at blame and judgment as we surely do and must for the overall preservation of life and goodness, the duality of right and wrong is only really an illusion and certainly only existent on the physical plane. For on a deeper metaphysical and scientific level both good and bad are created from the one source. For us to condemn only what's bad would be to condemn our creator, and why each of exist and do what we do in the first place. Contracts don't just exist in speech, writing and law, they exist in the spiritual world.

    We are all here for lessons as most would surely agree, however who is to be taught what, by who and why, must be the greatest of all mysteries.

    Love to all the Freeman family and those affected by this ordeal, as we all are to some degree.
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Johnsie, mate, settle settle settle. I can tell ya angry about something to do with child support and the system that lets us and our families down, but going off ya nut in here like that will not help you aor win you any fans. Im sure if we knew your story we might end up agreeing with you on many issues. For your own benefit tone it down a bit, you just dont know who is trolling these forums. Express your opinions as thats what its for, but just do it a bit gentler and people will converse with you and maybe help you.
    By:johnsie from qld, oz on April 16, 2011 @ 4:45 pm
    how long does it take the CSA and judge to calculate a child support payments? forever! they dont know the meaning of child support!!! hers to all thos ratbags that work i that hole of a place the drinks re on me... those fuckers
    By:jonsie from qld, oz on April 16, 2011 @ 4:38 pm
    maybe he sholda made his way to the hardware and got some rope insted of chuckin the kid and goin to court. him hangin from the westgate woulda made a better story
    60. By:johnsie from qld, oz on April 16, 2011 @ 4:38 pm
    freeman got 32yrs wot about that mole bitch runnin the family court and those other pompos cunts in there who aree so up themselves how many years do they get for there part. Tell me that?
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Party time
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 15, 2011 @ 9:34 pm
    I have been trying to be very patient as I note some of your comments about me, trying to not get personal as both of you have been towards me. I have been now called a fool several times and now 'dogmatic and didactic'.
    Ragnvald - you come across as quite condescending and almost with the determined precision of someone with mild Asperger's Syndrome - and we both know that the prevalence of this syndrome is much higher in the male population than in the female population. So you're it! (Don't think you will understand my joke..)
    For someone that believes that 'the system' provides INCENTIVES for women to divorce their husbands is a rather sad and even suspiciously conspiratorial thing to say (yes that's right - the 'system' wants wives to divorce their husbands - huh?)Perhaps it would be better if we put burkas on all women, shut them up at home, and left them 'barefoot and pregnant' hey Peter? Wow - you have some issues.
    Ravngald - I did not associate "society's inability to recognise and reform and rehabilitate psychopaths with making excuses for their behaviour" - in fact I am arguing the exact opposite. I am in favour of NOT making excuses for their behaviour - I thought I made that pretty clear from the beginning? It's others here that won't to blame, among other things. 'the system' for their chosen behaviour.
    Bewitched - you sound like a nice, sane and reasonable man. I received my core values from my parents and to an extent my religion.
    We all need more fullfilled lives and that's probably why I will sign off now, guys. Good luck with your problems and let us all hope and pray that someone out there, someday who comes across such a tragic event, and can foresee it in some way (and trusts their instinct)before it ocuurs, will step in and hopefully save innocent lives. Bye.
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    Peter – I agree entirely that human relationships should be a central element in every school curriculum. It was widely debated in the UK in the 1960/70s but seemed to get lost as greater demands were made for academic prowess and skills training. The most important and longest roles we have in life are as marital partners and parents and yet it is the roles for which we receive the least preparation. It would certainly help a lot of people to choose their life partners with more care, and to vest more importance in maintaining that relationship. It would also help struggling parents top cope with children and young people who are a challenge at every age. Parenting is not an easy task and requires a lot of knowledge and skills. It would have far greater value than simply teaching sex education which is only one aspect of a successful marital relationship.
    Learning about human relationships is currently left to the vagaries of `Sitting next to Nellie” i.e. observing how our parents and others inter-relate and if they are not very good at it, then their bad habits are continued.
    Teaching human relationships in schools would as you say have a dramatic effect on our society when people are taught how to better relate to each other.
    By:Bewitched from Vic, Australia on April 15, 2011 @ 7:19 pm
    Spot on Peter excellent news as long as all the kids don't think Charlie Sheen is the ideal fatherly role model.. LOL

    It also astounds me why it's taken this long to adopt so fundamental and vital an issue as relationships into a school curriculum. Let's face it, half the stuff that's been taught over the years has been absolutely useless in adult life, where relationships are paramount as they feed onto everything else.

    Yes one could say it's the job of families to do this and perhaps even the church, especially in those days of yesteryear. But if we are completely honest and as much as we may love our families, we often don't get the full deal do we.

    Maybe we should all take Relationships 101 and just maybe this would reduce the conflict and anger that Denise was eluding to.

    Anger is a great emotion and motivator, and I for one wouldn't be without it. The trick is - I control it - and not the other way round.
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    it has been suggested in the USA that relationships become part of the curriculum. nobody learns about how to handle relationships until its too late. imagine if in high school girls and boys were taught how the other thinks and reacts, and how to treat other with respect, and that marriage vows should not be broken. for better or worse, sickness and health, richer or poorer. No reason why communicating with your partner cant avoid all this turmoil and sadness, then maybe our kids will grow up into better adults than out generation. i think its a great idea. i didnt care what happened between me and my wife, she was my wife and i would have remained so forever if she liked. i think its a great idea and would have a dramatic benefit for future generations. Divorce is also way too easy in this country, actually incentives for women to do it.
    By:Bewitched from Vic, Australia on April 15, 2011 @ 6:17 pm
    I wonder whether Arthur Freeman sought out help from any mens groups? There are a few out there now, and especially accessible via the internet. I know F4J would have certainly stepped in to help but just wonder like everyone has been saying, maybe some types of people can't be helped. As you put forth Ragnvald, we all want to prevent this crap happening again. Family breakups have already claimed too many lives.

    My thought is the self awareness, maturity and support systems factor is limited - with many of us having no idea how bad a state we are actually in going through the whole separation process, and need trusted help outside of ourselves. I for one, even after 13 yrs of separation still haven't got my life together, and believe me, I have put the hard yards in seeking out help & knowledge to fix myself up, during and after the battle and doing what I believed was best my children. I fought the good fight, and I can live with myself knowing I did the best I possibly could as a parent and father. Not perfect...but did the best i knew how.

    I can only imagine those who don't have the awareness or make the effort can have very little chance of surviving or recovering from such a horrid process, with the whole family potentially at risk in some cases as the time-bomb can be just ticking quietly away in the background without anyone ever really knowing the full seriousness of a person's thoughts.
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    Peter – Thanks for your cautionary comments. But the topic is the state of mind of Arthur Freeman when he deliberately killed his daughter in an act of Spousal Revenge as did Farquharson and many other fathers who were dissatisfied with contact arrangements with their children. So what is being discussed is highly pertinent and important in gaining insights and understandings of why such men kill children so that it may be avoidable and preventable in the future. Denise is making an important contribution to this debate, albeit from a very limited and personal perspective, but nevertheless important. I do not consider anyone a fool for putting forward their knowledge and ideas for debate, although at times Denises’s contributions are a little dogmatic and didactic.
    By:Bewitched from Vic, Australia on April 15, 2011 @ 5:49 pm
    Am enjoying immensely the debate on the topic of psychopath pathology everyone but I just can't help feeling really sad and sorry for the two boys who are not only now without a sister and life companion as they grow up but have to somehow how grapple with this loss and tragedy, not just after it happened but all throughout their life. Let us all pray they get the very best of help, love and support. So innocent and powerless as children in this wrongdoing. I feel sick for them both every time I think of what happened. I sometimes wonder how the mother must be coping to have lost her precious daughter this way. I know her two boys will give her a reason to keep going however, if i was her, I'd wanna be on some pretty strong mind numbing drugs for a very long time.
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Getting off the original topic now guys. Ragnvald, i warned you not to try an reason with a fool.
    50. By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    That is rather twisted logic DENISE!. To associate society’s inability to recognise and reform and rehabilitate psychopaths with making excuses for their behaviours.
    Psychopaths are driven to have power and control over others – that is their primary goal. When they lose that power and control is when they become at their most dangerous. If they are thwarted in their attempts to gain or retain power and control, then they also react vengefully. Their fear, if you wish to call it that, is regarding their personal esteem and status and not the fear which normal people have of suffering pain and death. They do not understand right from wrong in the accepted sense of not causing harm to others, but only that which allows them to retain power and control. They believe they can commit any crime they wish because they do not believe in law and the basis for laws (i.e. to prevent us from harming others), but will do all in their power to evade detection because the consequences will be loss of their power and control.
    They lie as part of the control mechanism because it would allow others to remove their control or worst of all, to have control over them. That is why they evade prison and psychiatric facilities – others would be in control of them.
    It is not a `cop out’ but a statement of fact to say that society presently does not have the means to reform or habilitate psychopaths. I would like to think that some day there may be a way of effectively `treating’ them by chemical or surgical means (as used to happen), but for now we must develop a system which can identify such psychopaths and can protect us from the harms they cause. We must stop making excuses for them, “It was a momentary lapse, Your Honour!”, It was out-of-character, Your Honour!.” , “Its when he’s had too much to drink, Your Honour!” , “He was provoked, Your Honour!.” , “He was driven to do it Your Honour!.” are of course the classic excuses used in Courts. And then the psychopath laughs in their faces when he gets a lenient sentence – fooled the system again.
    Psychopaths are not `mad’ in terms of psychiatric definitions but are neurologically damaged and cognitively and behaviourally defective.
    You still maintain that psychopaths can be treated in childhood, so perhaps you can quote some authenticated research studies and findings which can demonstrate that.
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 15, 2011 @ 10:44 am
    Some of the points you make are valid - however I do not agree that psychopaths do not feel fear! Why do they then knowingly lie to avoid detection? They can know what they do is intrinsically wrong - that's why they cover it up if society doesn't approve of what they are doing. They wouldn't cover it up if they thought it was ok (like Hitler in times of war; his generals during the Holocaust - Anyway most of them escaped to Argentina etc because they knew they would be pursued) so please do not state that they have no fear - in fact it's fear that drives them - fear of losing,just like the rest of us, however psychopaths hate the idea that they must suffer (die like the rest)and they are very angry about it!! That's why they resort to despicable acts such as Freeman did. Weak characters, cowards essentially. I know because I observed one unknowingly for many months - and after I managed to extricate myself from his grasp, I reviewed his behaviour - and reeled back in horror - because what I saw there was an abyss...these people can be so devoid of normal human feeling that there lives hold no meaning - and therefore committ such acts because at the time - they just don't care! That is what you mean by 'lack of fear' because believe me they do fear the consquences of their actions (that's why they run and hide). But once they are confronted with the inevitable - prison, execution etc they revert to type "don't really care anyway" attitude as a self-protecting mechanism - Saddam - defiant as they hanged him (aha you say, psychopaths have no remorse - they think they are better than mere mortals eg Hitler, Gaddafi); they can be gifted liars; and most will NEVER admit they did something/anything wrong eg Ivan Milat, because to do so shatters the persona, the id, the ego whatever,and therefore they THINK shatters their very own existence - that is they literrally and materially think that their very existence on Earth is underpinned by their abnormal belief systems - that's why it is so hard to treat them as you say - when they are adults. As children they can still be controlled, as adults they largely cannot.
    Lastly, just because a 'condition' cannot be treated as you say, by psychiatrists, doesn't mean that they cannot be treated in the future. And psychopaths have always been let free to roam in societies anyway - are they bad or mad was the essential question that was applied to Freeman by the jury. They decided he was bad (but probably mad as well). They essentially decided he had some control over his actions. To say that psychopathy is essentially something that we as socety cannot do anything about ever is a cop out (and reflects soem of the other views here that 'others' or the 'system' were partly to be blamed for HIS actions. This is largely what clever psychopaths would WANT us to believe (but only after they have been caught - before that they feel Powerful eg Hitler, Bunting). Freeman doesn't seem like a serialkiller for example, however his actions were CLEARLY premeditated in some way - the ability to plan indicates an ability to forsee - an ability to forsee indicates an ability to stop and reflect beforehand. That was all that my original point was about - he could see the consequences of actions - at some stage - and that is why he is BAD more than MAD. It was his decision to do what he did - no one else's - and he should know the full force os this consequences - nothing will bring his daughter back. Nothing.
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Ragnvald, dont waste your time trying to reason with fools. They dont understand or listen to anyone but themselves.
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    Denise – I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It has very limited validity and utility with psychopaths. Yes psychopaths recognise they are different when they become adult, and do believe the rest of the world is `out-of-step’ with them and want us to accept their perceptions of the world. They usually begin with a grain of truth but then twist and distort it until it is clearly a gross distortion in deductive and inductive reasoning and a misrepresentation of reality. It is the ID which drives them in their behaviours and the ego becomes out-of-control (narcissism) while the superego is very weak (environmental and societal norms of acceptable behaviours).
    You state, “The first step is for society to admit that they are real.”. Psychopaths were widely recognised until the 1960s but then psychiatrists successfully lobbied for them to be re-diagnosed as `bad’ rather than `mad’ because they were not treatable by known psychiatric methods and were filling hospital beds which could be better used for treatable mental conditions. So they were left loose in society to wreak their havocs. Psychiatrists are now seeking to have paedophilia reclassified the other way i.e. as a mental condition rather than a behavioural disorder and criminal condition.
    Yes psychopaths can be recognised during childhood. The child who treats animals cruelly or severely bullies smaller children (this is not to say that all child bullies are psychopathic but many are. They usually need neurotic personalities to act as their lieutenants and who gain kudos and satisfactions by hurting others as an outlet for their own pain. The two boys who killed Jamie Bulger are a classic example if you read Gitta Sereny’s Book.
    As a beginning, Society must be informed and educated in the behaviours and actions of psychopaths and and the mayhem they are causing in our society. Steps must be taken to place them on a National Register of Violent Offenders if they commit serious acts of intimate partner violence, or seriously injure others in street assaults/ drive-by shootings/ rapes and sexual abuses and any other crimes against the person etc. Then it will be known and recorded who they are and individuals can take the necessary steps to protect themselves from them.
    It is frightening to think that Hitler was elected by the German people and was largely supported by them and he did nothing illegal within the German constitution and laws. Stalin was also responsible for the deaths of 37 million people, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi etc etc were all similar tyrannical dictators, yet still had their supporters and admirers. It is similarly frightening to see lawyers, Court Reporters, and Expert Witnesses in the Family Courts being similarly groomed and manipulated by psychopathic domestic tyrants.
    The psychopath is very useful in times of war – they are incapable of experiencing fear (which has a strong emotional content and related to a survival instinct) and are able to carry out acts which are seemingly extremely brave, because they have no fear. Again that does not mean that all war heroes are psychopaths, but they are well represented, often being killed during their acts of `bravery’.
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on April 14, 2011 @ 11:40 am
    Thx Denise for the insight. Sounds like you've had some had experience in this area alright.

    Strewth, from the sounds of it i think my ex must have been a psychopath. Some emotional attachment disorder in the early years. Howevr come to think of it, i never had kisses and cuddles from my mother for as long as i can remember and no father from the age of five & im not out killing so maybe there's more to it. I suspect it might be a combo of things including a chemical concoction of sorts in the brain but ur right D, we as parents, families and the teaching fraternity would be better of with some more education in these sorts of areas. Parenting and raising kids can be a tuff gig and we can't all be experts!
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 14, 2011 @ 11:09 am
    Nope - if psychopaths are alerted to their condition at an early age, they can be modified behaviourally (not medically) ie no drug can change them - you're right.
    Teachers should be trained to spot potential psychopathy at an early age - with immediate education and behavioural intevention then required.
    The proof? If psychopaths can realise at an older age that 'something is wrong/different about them' ie implying awareness of a condition like for instance depression or even diabetes etc then they are able to be behaviourally modified if intervention occurs at an early age. The problem is that by adulthood, due to their very condition, psychopaths don't want or think they need help - they think the rest of us have the problem, not them.
    I have had a personal experience with a psychopath. Very very scary, yes. He's an adult - with all adult traits etc etc...only if caught as a child is there any chance of modifying the course that will become inevitable for the psychopath, I agree. However you are probably right, not ALL psychopaths are probably treatable, depending on the severity of the condition - but I think many are. The first step is for society to admit that they are real. The good news is that they appear to be about is it 2 - 4% of the population? Significantly, the incidence is higher in male populations than female populations - a simple fact supported by the stats on crimes etc. Some scientists ponder what was the evolutionary benefit of psychopathy to take hold in our populations, because there probably was at least one. Perhaps we got them to be the chief high executioner hundreds of years ago or head cannibal chief...who knows. Often charismatic psychopaths lead eg Hitler and thousands then follow.
    So getting back to Freeman. Obviously he didn't show many traits of this 'condition' - however his subconscious was 'ok' with killing defenceless children in order to appease his 'hurt' ego. The ego is still you - in fact it embodies you. We must all take responsiblity, even for our subconscious - and others, as the judge at his trial pointed out, shouldn't take the blame for THEIR actions, because this only strengthens the pyschopaths argument - that someone else made me do it - the wife, society, the see, only when we are more aware of these nasty people and the havoc they can play on countless if not millions of lives can we spot them and rehabilitate them, if possible, at very early ages. Because I know from experience, they can be very manipulative, deceitful and convincing people - even if they have not actually killed. When pushed, like Freeman - they can.
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on April 14, 2011 @ 10:52 am
    Thankyou for the heads up on psychos Rag so a mothers & fathers love and emotional presence is imperative for our kids to become healthy people. Thankyou to Denise for pointing out kids can often grow up alone for one reason or another. Thankyou to MrNat for mentioning the part of stress which I believe is a huge factor in family breakups. Thankyou to Peter and the rest of the posts and especially to Moses for this grateful site where I just made a comment. its, hence why im thanking everyone..LOL.. and 10 hail Marys for good measure. A brighter future will be upon us all so lets all perk up and think and feel good about everything. God bless you. Baz
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    Denise - psychopathy/sociopathy is caused by imperfect brain development or damage and cannot be treated. The part of the brain affected is the area governs affects and emotions. What you are talking about are children who have experienced severe emotional neglect (indifference, lack of emotional warmth etc) and become emotionally withdrawn. It was first observed in children who experienced maternal deprivation when they were separated from their mothers at an early age. They were sometimes termed as `Environmental psychopaths' as they can have some of the symptoms. It is possible for them make a substantial recovery if they are given a warm, caring, and nurturing environment over a period of several years. See John Bowlby et al.
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 13, 2011 @ 11:38 am
    Goodbye, Peter - you called me a feminist man hater - then wrote but it's good that I am passionate?? Goodbye, please, goodbye.
    MrNatural - you touched on an important core issue - the state of so-called westernised societies. I am a teacher and was lately surprised to hear (but upon reflection, shouldn't have been..) that a large proportion of a nearby school's 'difficult children' came from a lovely modern suburb. But of course lovely (2 storey houses...cost money - in many cases both parents work to pay off the mortgage). As the counselor of this school asked: Who looks after the children? They are often alone. She mentioned one teenage girl who desperately wanted a relationship with her mother..but the mother was largely too busy.
    My mum n dad were born in 1926 - but still reasonably happy and healthy thank god. They grew up in the depression, were in the middle of the fighting in Europe at very impressionable ages and witnessed atrocities first-hand and man's inhumanity to man. But their core values remained steadfast - (some of this has to be attributable to religion - but not all) - but they are far from perfect! My mother is a very anxious person and my father somewhat distant - however my brother didnt turn out too bad - married with 3 children - not perfect - but the core values are generally there.
    So it's not just the legal system that is being questioned here - it's the crazy society we've developed which puts material gain in front of caring human relationships - which must always come first.
    But I return to my original point - never any excuse for violence of this nature. Never.
    Freeman may be 'untreatable' (I'm not a psychiatrist)..but I think it's a fair bet that the beliefs he formed at an early age (killing is ok - but of course hid these beliefs, as you would)were instilled in him by nurture (ie family, friends, society). Psychopaths actually can be treated if they are diagnosed early and treated with compassion. There are some interesting stories on the net - mothers who can see quesionable traits in their offspring and make a conscious decision to teach them - sometimes over and over - right from wrong.
    But at the end of the day - Freeman is an adult - and should have (and I believe, could have) taken steps to prevent his actions. The fact that he tried afterwards to get someone to take his 2 year old boy is testament to the realization that he had done 'something wrong'. But this doesn't bring Darcey back though, does it?
    He choose the little girl - he knew why he was doing what he did. When his time comes - may God forgive him for this horrendous crime against his own flesh and blood.
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    PETER - "No excuse for what he did, but to do this he cant have been normal. What normal person turns on his own like that." You are quite correct Peter. Freeman has all the attributes of the sociopath/psychopath. Lack of emotions/affections/feelings, a lack of remorse. Never accepts responsibility for their actions and seek to blame others. Usually cunning and deceitful and manipulative - Freeman was lacking a bit in these latter aspects or he would have been able to manipulate the Family Court (as so many do)into awarding him a lot more contact time, if not actual custody of the children, as so many do as a means of gaining revenge on their former partners. The Shared Parenting Laws 2006 (made in response to demands by Father's Rights groups) have given inalienable rights to such toxic and dangerous individuals. Freeman's mental condition is untreatable by known psychiatric methods.
    40. By:Moses from QLD, Australia on April 13, 2011 @ 7:37 am
    Fantastic comments everyone - yes discussion in this all important area of life is good.

    A love of wisdom and the wisdom of love is the key for all of us!

    Gratitude of the heart is where all the goodness starts.

    Just recently came across a new site where you can write down what you are grateful for, so check it out.

    It may just mean the difference between enjoying your existence or being embroiled in turmoil, pain and grief. Peace to you all!!
    By:MrNatural from Vic, Aust on April 12, 2011 @ 9:19 am
    Hi Denise and thank you for your viewpoint and interesting comments. No positive change occurs without discussion and robust arguments. To answer you, No, i don't believe either women, children or men should stay in fearful, abusive or threatening situations. However, as mother and father of children, you can't just pull up stumps, piss off and take the kids if and when you please, that's not what a family is all about. Although, if some parents are unwilling or incapable of working through family and personal issues, yes the other parent has made a bad choice with this partner, and must look at exit strategies. Lawyers and the Family Court or Relationship Centres that are by and large useless, should not be the only port of call for families though. We as an intelligent community need and deserve better family support systems.

    And herein lies a core issue - what is an Australian or westernised family and is it being valued and supported properly like other cultures do? Alas, we also have to look at all the pressure placed upon parents and families within current society framework and see what's happening and where the blowouts are.

    On a positive note men have been changing over the past few decades with our new generation of adult men growing up wiser and more mature, especially with us wise fathers giving good advice to both our sons and daughters.

    Perhaps a reason why alot of middle aged men have failed in relationships is they had absent fathers themselves - emotionally and physically through wars and so on. Negative patterns have played havoc with families for generations and set them up to be what we have today.

    Although, whilst we cure some problems, new problems will arise and needing to be fixed. Perhaps this is why men are on the planet Denise, to fix up all the problems. :)
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Denise, you are just rambling now for the sake of being heard. Read the posts again and you will see that i actually agree with most of what you ramble about. The facts are the system is stuffed and it has to change or it will continue to fail all involved. You can ramble more if you like, but i wont be replying to your dribble again because i have said what i need to say, and am happy this forum allows me too, but you can continue to ramble if it pleases you. You are clearly a biased feminist man hater. At least your passionate though, and we need more of it from people who are unhappy with the system. Goodbye Denise.
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 12, 2011 @ 12:17 am
    Peter, you said no excuses for what Freeman did, but..twice. I am not ill-informed - while both men and women can make/be poor parents, the statistics speak loudly and decisively for themselves..prison numbers are not equal re the sexes, the most likely attacker of children and women are their fathers or partners (or some other male friend/relative); barely a day or a week goes by without hearing about females being disposed of by their partners, sometimes taking the children with them or cowardly attacks of innocent children directly. Farquarhson? You wrote that there are always two losers in the system, and one of them is the children - who is the other one? I have no doubdt that men often are losers in this system, and often women even more, with children losing the most - a mother or father, a disrupted life...bur never never never is the solution to kill your offspring to raise awareness of your 'plight'. This is merely cowardice of the highest order and even the most profound regret cannot bring these children back to life. MrNatural - are you advocating that women stay in situations that do not express their wishes for a fullfilled life or worse stay in such situations for fear that their partners will take out their revenge on their children when they are not there to protect them?? Sometimes it appears that the men least likely to do this, do actually do this however; recent a judge in Adelaide sentencing a husband after the brutal and unprovoked stabbing of his wife that the courts are seeing more and men of such men with NO history of violence turning on their partners (and children).
    No system is perfect - obviously ours seems far from perfect with so many people (on both sides) complaining about it. The law seems to think it's impartial - my experience of it, is that it is hardly ever so.
    Can anyone really know who will commit such acts - and should ALL men be penalised for the vilent minority. Remember that each and every man that commits crimes against his ex-partner and/or children fails to forward your cause. Never any excuse to innocent lives (with you or without you). Never.
    By:peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Denise Denise Denise, are your eyes failing you, i said no excuses twice. Read again you ill informed fool. Men and women are both often failed by this antiquated false money making system. there is always two losers in this system. Unfortunately one of them is always the kids, AND THAT MUST STOP!!!! WHAT POLITICIAN WILL TAKE THE STAND AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!
    By:MrNatural from Vic, Aust on April 11, 2011 @ 7:56 pm
    Denise you are no doubt correct with "In times of great stress, the real personality, the real id, as Freud describes it, comes out."

    Hence, what we all would like to know is why such issues with stress and personalities weren't detected and dealt with by the so called system, who have 'real' resources to deal with such 'real' issues?

    Perhaps some representative of this almighty system should come out of their highly priced furnished offices and make a truthful statement to us commoners about what really is going on in this broken down system.

    Perhaps such a system of some 35+ years is tired, antiquated and failing. Perhaps it's a system that runs on the mind and no heart or love. Perhaps it's a system that lacks any real capacity to care, let alone administer correct solutions of fairness for families.

    Perhaps it's a system of highly paid professionals that prosper from the spoils of troubled families, and even more so when families are sent down a path of emotional and financial ruin.

    Perhaps it's a system that looks down upon families who lack the maturity to get their shit together. Perhaps it's a system of people that at the end of the day, don't really give a damn about parents and children, save the money they can rip of families when they are vulnerable, emotional and naive as to what the system is all about and have trouble making clear decisions.

    Most likely, if such a system of three decades plus was managed properly little Darcey would surely still be alive today.

    See the problem is, and I'm sure Sigmund and Anna would agree if here today, not a gender issue as both parents kill their children and themselves, it's a question of what goes in their subconcious minds and what's in their heart, and the love that is present and should be kept present, even when going through such sterile and void of love institutions such as the Family Court.

    Hence, although the issues can be complex, the first issue is about screening parents in family breakdown fairly with proper understanding and support re all issues pertaining to their maturity, state of mind and heart, and physical circumstances. Men need different processes to women as simply, the genders are different in many respects.

    Even today, these processes or places do not really exist for fathers, and certainly not in some mandatory fashion which is needed for some people, perhaps like Arthur Freeman.

    So a new paradigm shift is the Order of the day, disbanding with the old system and paving way for the new. With billions of dollars available money is not the problem, so what is, or are we all saying the curent system is working like a treat?

    Perhaps let's ask Darcey's family and see what they have to say.

    Making all the details leading up to poor little Darcey's death transparent to the public may just be a good start.

    Who knows, if the real truth be known, it wouldn't cost anything to knock the Family Court Buildings down, the public in their outrage would do it for free!
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 11, 2011 @ 6:08 pm
    Peter, you are in fact making excuses for him.
    Think about all of the people in Australia, let alone the world, who have suffered at the hands of others, sometimes indescribably, but do not choose revenge?
    The sexually assaulted children who turn into adults and choose not to exact revenge on their attackers..are but some examples.
    The intent comes from within (although the action may not - that is why help must be the first thing a real man should seek). Why do some choose violence when others do not - even when in the same situations?
    Never any excuse for killing in this way. Let's stop the hate (of the 'system', women whatever..)
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    No excuse for what he did, but to do this he cant have been normal. What normal person turns on his own like that. I can tell you form first hand experience that this system we have to abide by is still unfair on innocent loving fathers who have done no wrong. A wife can walk out on a loving husband and father and leave her kids for 6 weeks and she still ends up better off than him, and the government will pay her to do it, while she lies to them in order to recive those benefits. Once again i will state there is no excuses for what freeman did to that poor girl, but the system contributes to these horrendous, avoidable crimes.
    By:Denise from NSW, Australia on April 11, 2011 @ 2:38 pm
    In times of great stress, the real personality, the real id, as Freud describes it, comes out. Most people need to be trained to kill consciously (soldiers) and most people actually do not and cannot kill even unconsciously, because the unguarded you is really you - like it not.This man showed a degree of planning - which strongly infers (and the jurors decided proved) conscious thoughts. After he let go of his defenceless and trusting small daughter - he may not have been fully conscious of the outcome - but he would have had some idea before he did it.
    A lesson to all men, who think they are going 'to lose it' - no matter what the provocation - an innocent life is an innocent life. Some people could not kill even if their own life is in danger - let alone if it is not - as was the case with Arthur Freeman. The right verdict was handed down - and the taking of innocent lives is always inexcusable under any circumstanes, no matter how provoked - particularly in such trusting circumstances of this poor defenceless child. No more excuses - if her tragic death should do one thing - it should warn angry fathers that if they even think fleetingly that they could kill their own flesh and blood so coldly - they should be a man and SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY. Your inner world of anger and perceived powerlessness could bring irreversible consequences to those you profess to love. GET HELP - STOP HATING.
    By:ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    This was very clearly a Revenge Killing.
    30. By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on March 31, 2011 @ 3:14 pm
    Mad bad or woteva. Why did he do it is what we want to know!! Who will give us this info? The media, the family or wait for his memoirs in 30yrs when hes released??
    By:Ragnvald from Victoria, Australia on March 30, 2017 @ 8:02 pm
    This was a Revebge Killing (note the phone cal to the children's mother prior to his crime which showed premeditation and intent) as has occurred with several fathers when they have been rejected and have lost control and power over their wives and children. The `Shared Parenting Law' enabled him to get contact in order to have a `meaningful relationship' with his children, and to carry out his intentions. The sooner this law is thrown into the dustbin of legal history the better for all children.
    By:elle werne from victoria, australia on March 24, 2011 @ 6:29 pm
    Oh I am really waiting for the result of this trail as Coghlan, when he was DPP wanted to lock me up for 10 years for protecting my child from a pead.
    I am really waiting to see what he gives for this most terrible of crimes when he considers running to
    school, yelling at your rapist stalking you so henious; ten years jail for me (but I escaped incarceration ....just).Oh the police believe us now due to a witness.
    By:elle werne from victoria, australia on March 24, 2011 @ 2:30 pm
    We have not heard all the story yet. Normally men kill themselves because the Child Support Agency takes nearly all their income. They do not do this.

    I class action by the Men's Right Agency in 2002 , led by Sue Price, cause me,a female with two children to support and rent with almost nothing left after paying the "child support"of $1300 and rent of $1000 with huge legal bills mounting I attempted suicide but was restrained by a friend calling by.

    Well done Men's Right Agency and Sue Price. I cannot say more for legal reasons
    By:johnsie from qld, oz on March 23, 2011 @ 2:53 pm
    is the jury back with a verdict yet? some gr8 comments guys. if i was freeman i would have chucked myself of that dam bridge first instead of a kid. He should have at least jumped in straight after to save her or somethin. Shit man!!!
    By:peter from vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    Spot on Brian. I always wonder, what made that person do that, not what a dickhead. I unfortunatley am about to enter the sysytem even though i have tried with all my might not to. i just wnder how much time and effort and money i waste before i give up, hard to know when your kids are involved and telling you they want different things than the wife wants. what price do you pay for your childrens happiness, wish we knew.
    By:Bewitched from Vic, Australia on March 15, 2011 @ 6:21 pm
    You might be right Brian, or this man may have been a loving decent father of 3 children before the family break up, when lawyers and the Family Court got involved.

    I for one have had very real experiences in the Fam Crt defending my children, and doing no wrong, yet have been treated like filth and besmirched. The systems and process afford you no or little fairness unless you know a tad of law, but then that is sometimes just a bandaid fix and a delay.

    If you're willing to throw all your money away on lawyers, transcripts, some element of due and fair process, but at the end of the day, it's all a con and they're all after your money if you're dumb enough to give it away.

    All in all, it doesn't take long to realise its about the biggest asshole of a place we have on this planet.

    So perhaps Freeman had his fair share of this and unfortunately couldn't take it no more, and snapped in a way many others wouldn't.

    The point is people snap with unnecessary man made pressures altering your beliefs, values and life as you once knew it. The mind is not equipped for such radical changes with a blowout imminent.

    So we all must be mindful of what this guy may have been subject to, just like many of us have been subjected to, and now perhaps want to forget, if you can.

    What we all want to know is the truth and background behind this case, but alas, it will never be made public. Not because of privacy issues to the family and children, but because the system doesn't want the anarchy that would tear the whole place down if the real truth about all this corruption ever came out!
    By:brian from toowoomba, australiua on March 15, 2011 @ 1:16 pm
    i think he's just a dickhead personally!
    By:Dan the Man from South Australia, Australia on March 14, 2011 @ 7:09 pm
    this guy will be lookin at life sentence cos u cant have kids bein thrown of bridges now can we
    By:Moses from QLD, Australia on March 14, 2011 @ 2:07 pm
    Was Freeman lacking the basic tool of reason?
    20. By:pp from Vic, Oz on March 14, 2011 @ 9:50 am
    Static glow, retooled appearance?? Crikes ive not seen one shot of freeman where hes so called glowing and as for the retooled bit, does the reporter mean he hasn't cut his hair and shaved while he's been locked up? As if he gives a shit about his appearance if he's really in a bad state of mind. Hes probably had to bulk up to fend of all the inmates who want to have a poke at him for what he did. Gee reporters are good. btw ive noticed his forehead is a bit screwed up. Is this a sign his brains a bit messed up peoples??
    By:Bob Crowley from Staffordshire, UK on March 13, 2011 @ 7:14 am
    The FC system shouldn't treat people like putting your broken down car in for an overhaul, these are real families here. People with real sensitive feelings, fragile mindsets, dispositions and personalities, that can with some legal mumbo jumbo tic tac toe games and pantomine processes by lawyers, judges and court staff often send most of us funny in some way. It's only obvious to the ignorant many when some people snap and do the unthinkable.

    People are generally molded to societal standards and conditions so if people fall down we must look at what our societies are creating. Just a few thoughts.
    By:Peter from Vic, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    I cant come up with any words or sentences that explain od justify what this sane or insane monster did to hosown beautiful innocent little angel. But please please please, can the ogvernement of this great land do sometihng to ensure it never happens again. Fathers for too long have copped a raw deal in no tjust mine, but many womens opinions. Each case needs to be looked at on its own merit.
    By:Paul from Sale Victoria, Australia on March 12, 2011 @ 3:13 pm
    Maybe some people shouldn;t have kids
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on March 12, 2011 @ 1:56 pm
    Shit the PM has spoken!!

    Onya Julia... Didn't vote for ya and think you doing a shockin job of runnin da country but on wot u said is right on the
    By:Julia Gillard (PM) from ACT, Australia - The Lucky Country on March 12, 2011 @ 1:47 pm
    I could think of a dozen people we ought to lose before this little sweety. What did she ever do that was wrong or how did she ever hurt anybody?

    She didn't! That's the unfortunate truth.

    I agree with Ben H and alot of you on F4J. Yes Mr Freeman will get a stretch cos after all, he did do it, however if the Family Court and it's merry band of judges, lawyers, psychs and counselors and of course us politicians had any balls at all (like me), they'd all stand up and say YES, we are SORRY and partly to blame.

    They would say we can't bring little Darcey back or the other countless children we've lost after courts and lawyers have been involved, and will work really really hard at developing processes so that this type of thing will never, ever happen again.

    I will get right on it. In fact I will make it a priority, even before going to my hairdresser on a daily basis.
    By:Amfortas from Tasmania, AU on March 12, 2011 @ 1:12 pm
    To murder one's little girl so nonchalantly is not the mark of a sane father.

    There is a thin and difficult to discern line between Mad and Bad, and they are indeed trite terms describing complex and 'gradeable' deficiencies of mind and soul.

    What matters here is less his madness or badness, but the consequences of his action. That killed a human being, a small child.

    I find Wendy of NSW's comments offensive. To generalise to all fathers from the actions of one is not only insulting to all fathers but betrays a commenter who is brainless, ignorant or herself Mad or Bad. Would she say the same about any one of the HUNDREDS of mothers who have murdered their children?

    Silly question.

    Wendy rules herself out of commenting by being one of the mad or bad who we are asked to decide about.
    By:Ben H from Vic, Australia on March 12, 2011 @ 1:03 pm
    Great to see women airing their view on F4J Wendy and whilst there are many loser fathers, there are 100 times more better ones. Men will never do everything the same as women and vice versa, and nor should they, as we all would have been born physically and psychologically the same.
    By:Wendy from NSW, Australia on March 12, 2011 @ 11:42 am
    It's no wonder fathers don't get children because quite clearly they can't look after them. The freeman case is extreme granted but from my experience alot of fathers are useless at looking after children matters.
    By:Marko from NSW, Oz on March 12, 2011 @ 9:22 am
    Is he MAD or BAD they ask? How does one define these words, really?
    10. By:Jeremy from WA, Australia on March 12, 2011 @ 8:51 am
    If there is ever an irony in a story such as this, it must the fathers surname.

    A free man he isn't — a free man he wont be in jail as Rob B said, a free man he can never be living with the absolute atrocity of what he did to a child, especially his own innocent daughter, and perhaps he was never really a freeman in the first place with obviously, as reported, having some form of mental impairment.

    Nah, am afraid this name isn't an apt description of this man's state of mind or physical being!

    RIP Darcey...
    By:Wacker Wayno from FNQ, Aust on March 11, 2011 @ 7:28 pm
    Oh man just to could u do this to a beatiful young kid like this. just look in to her eyes and see her soul. wots wrong with some pple are they mad or somethin bring him up her & will feed him to crocs its just not on. all exes are bitches but seriously man
    By:Rob Bedford from WA, Australia on March 11, 2011 @ 7:16 pm
    I think ur spot on Mr Nat we will never know why, even Arthur Freeman told us himself, it may not be the real answer. Not that he may deliberately want to lie he just may not know himself deep down as much he's 37. It could hav been as simple as wanting attention for the pain he was feelin. Or power and control over his ex, especially being her only daughter.

    No matter which way you look at it, its inexcusable what he did, and in another country or time, he would get electric chair or hang.

    And rightly so! You can't do this to defenseless and trusting kids, people or animals and get away with it, no matter how upset you are.

    He'll get 25 years with about 14 non-parole. All the psychs will have fun working on him.
    By:BigJoe from Victoria, Australia on March 11, 2011 @ 3:21 pm
    Perhaps poor Darcy reminded freeman of his ex, looks and gender and personality maybe, who knows.

    It has been said that freeman felt there were lots of angry women around him after he lost custody. Yes that would set anybody off, especially in the family court where all the women lawyers seem to gang up on men for some reason, like vultures on a dead carcass
    By:Marko from NSW, Oz on March 11, 2011 @ 8:40 am
    Why did he do it... let him speak!!
    By:Scott from QLD, Australia on March 10, 2011 @ 9:46 pm
    a bloody traggedy really!!!
    By:MrNatural from Vic, Aust on March 10, 2011 @ 9:29 pm
    The problem with a parent who ends up doing this sort of thing must surely show that Mr Freeman did not have a deep enough love deep in his sub conscious for his daughter Darcey, else he could never have harmed and performed such an action, even in a spontaneous fit of mental breakdown.

    His true intention may not have been to deliberately hurt his little girl, however his lack of intention to fully love his daughter with his heart, does unfortunately lend this man to be guilty of not just murder or manslaughter but abandonment of true fatherly and parental love - a crime in itself.

    What reason/s led Mr Freeman to this point of no or little love, will perhaps only be known by a few, Mr Freeman only, or perhaps no one will ever truly know why.
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on March 10, 2011 @ 7:22 pm
    very very very sad, to lose a young a precious child such as Darcey. Another time, another place it just may not have ended tragically. It was a hot day too for memory which certainly doesn't help stress levels.

    But ur right Ben, it was after he got news about who got custody that obviously triggered him, whatever that news was, how it was delivered to him and what he'd already been put through and for how long. Everyone who has been through the FC knows its a place of torture and cruel tricks and games!!

    Yes Arthur shouldn't be the only one on trial!!
    By:lostinspace from vic, australia on March 10, 2011 @ 7:23 pm
    Hey wotever happened to the freeman case files that went mysteriousssly missing out of Chief judge Bryants car? That certainly got hushed up? What was the go behind all that???
    By:Ben H from Vic, Australia on March 10, 2011 @ 2:44 pm
    As tragic as all this is for Darcey, her two bothers, mother and other family members, no one can bring Darcey back.

    However, situations like this can be prevented, and ONLY, if the public forces public scrutiny upon the Family Court Legal System. For how complicit are they in this crime?

    It's up to you as the public to judge the processes of the Family Court revealing the enormous and unnecessary pressure that is often placed upon parents in this horrid time of separation, which can be likened to a fate worse than death.

    Don't be distracted by the twists, turns and theatrics of the current court case judging the father for killing his own flesh and blood, his one and only daughter, but look at what's not being shown and talked about. ie. the Family Court and separation processes that led up to the demise of this poor child's life, and the horrific scars left in the minds of her two brothers, mum and other close family members.

    Not much seems to be revealed behind closed doors, yet one thing is for sure, if better practices aren't put in play that keeps the stress levels on parents down, giving families better pathways to change, rehabilitate their lives and not perceive to lose their lives, we just may see and hear the very end of loss of life and cruelty from a family split. God willing!

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