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  • Welfare System Abuses the Vulnerable - Our Long Term Unemployed
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  • 07/06/2011 Make a Comment (10)
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What's providing the Mental and Physical Health System with so many patients and much work? Could it be our employment and welfare system — a welfare system that's suppose to help our vulnerable?

Many long term unemployed want a return to work, however the help is just not there despite the words and lip service of reassurance without action, that seems to flow effortlessly from government bodies, their websites and paid servants — the public job agencies.

Just like a game of table tennis between mental health professionals and the welfare system, the abuse becomes so ingrained. Losing your life is like a pushed in and demented out of shape ping-pong ball from being hit back and forth too many times and excessive slam dunks, as for some time you feel and perceive you are trapped in the hands of something greater than yourself, and there is no way out!

However, one day after some healing, personal development and restoration of your self worth, understanding fear and your issues, all taking many years mind you, you maybe lucky and wake up and see this game of abuse and limitation for what it really is. Furthermore, coming to the realisation it is not what you want or deserve, nor is it who you really are. From this point on, you tell yourself you want a proper and full life, and set out to achieve it.

For those who feel trapped and their life is without power and control in a direction of meaning, it may just feel like a modern day concentration camp and gas chamber at Auschwitz that psychiatrist and Prisoner of War(POW) Victor Frankl refers to, in his book "Man's search for meaning".

Whilst on many levels it may not be a fair thing to compare some struggling long term unemployed on welfare with the harshness POW's experienced in terms of actual physical conditions, fear, brutality, uncertainty, starvation, torture and death, it can however ring a similar tune on some psychological levels of feeling trapped, hopelessness, mental torture with the catalyst of a perception of no meaning in your life, often giving rise to mental and physical ill health, and attributing to suicide.

The Loop — The Trick — The Con & Deception.
A path to nowhere & road to failure.

You are not getting the right support from the Job Agency so where do you go?

1. You contact the governing body of JobServices Australia which is the Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

2. From there, after you tell them your long winded story they end up putting you through to the Complaints section of DEEWR.

3. If no joy, you may ask to speak to the Supervisor who is busy and will call you back, which in my case never did.

4. A complaint notification simply gets the Area Manager of JobServices Australia to contact the Manager of the specific Job Agency, who in turn rings you to see what your gripes are, books you in for an appointment a week later with him and maybe your job consultant.

5. After some initial listening, their position of what they have done or you haven't done is now upon you. When they get brought to task with logic, the defending, justifying, promises, patronizing you through artificial forms of empathy and understanding simply goes, on and on. They have an answer for everything, save a result for you. They send you out the door with nothing better than with what you first went in with - nothing - bar some lip service and a headache. You wonder why you ever bothered. The tailored assistance is simply smoke and mirrors. Fear off losing your Centrelink payments if you don't comply with more abuse of their system is repetitively woven through the discussion as a form of control. It doesn't matter much what you say, really they are not interested, save if it ever meant losing their jobs, which being contracted by the government, is very unlikely.

6. You're still not happy at being abused and seeking the right support such as Reverse Marketing and hence contact DEEWR complaints again (back to No.1) where it starts all over again. I have done this process two times in five months and nothing changes. Am I disabled and need a lobotomy to ever think a government system will actually deliver what it says?

Btw. For speaking up and not wanting to be abused anymore from the system and inflexible mindsets of those in the system, you get your Centrelink payments cut or stopped. All because you don't keep coming back and participating in "doing nothing sessions" because you're simply not getting any effective help, and getting sick into the bargain from this abusive treatment. When you request even a doable service such as being Reverse Marketed to employers, it simply doesn't really happen, although they say it does. You just can't win.

Despite what all the propaganda says:


Nothing gets fixed, nobody returns your calls, it's all lip service, you go round and round until you're dizzy, get stressed, anxiety, depressed and drop to the floor, leaving you crying, sick and dying, and off to the health sector you go for whatever reason.

A perpetuating loop of no one cares, nobody wants to know or speak with you, return calls, the left hand of DEEWR doesn't know what the right hand of JobServices Australia is doing (or does it?) You can't get to the top as you can with customer focused business owners in the private sector.

Unfortunately, the hypocrisy, deception and misleading statements are all over the JobServices Australia website homepage highlighted in red on above image, (Source: where it causes the public, job-seekers and employers to believe the government is actually doing the right thing for you.

Now let me be clear here. I am not expecting a perfect system, nor am I expecting everyone in it to be helped to 100% satisfaction. However, what I am expecting as we all should be from Government, is a response to our calls for help — indicating that someone is in trouble and needs proper assistance. Not for Government bodies to ignore you, seeing you as an irritation or not fitting in with their agenda leaving you out in the cold. Unfortunately, history has revealed that ignoring individuals in the main is the normal mantra for government systems.

Furthermore, what adds insult to injury is the continual hypocrisy both orally and in written form at how they will help you and what they can do for you, yet it simply never arrives. All you hear is lip service.


It's almost as if the Chiefs brainwash the Indians (who don't think) in repeating their propaganda without the Indians ever waking up to question what they don't deliver. A more enlightened approach would be to listen to and take seriously the concerns of individuals, tailoring better solutions toward that person which are available mind you, and then implement changes to the system, giving another 10 people jobs. It's not hard is it, really.

However, it has been my experience over many years, this is simply not the case. It's all fluff talk, good for nothing meaningless dribble all proven by no one in the system being able to help you, save cut down your benefits or cut them off altogether if you don't play their abusive game and speak up demanding the proper tailored support that gets promised on their website and literature.

But who gets all the money and benefits if not the job-seekers and long term unemployed? Did I hear someone yell out the businesses in the health and welfare sectors and those businesses offering employment services and employers who can take advantage of the $3 - 10,000 per 6mths payouts.

Who are the Job Agency business owners, directors and shareholders, and might they be the ones who are benefiting from Government and taxpayer coffers? As opposed to the countless job-seekers who have alot to offer the community and businesses but simply never get the chance through receiving the right help and to be matched with suitable jobs?

Perhaps I am just missing something - yes, of course - a job!

    10. By:Simon_P from nsw, australia on February 28, 2016 @ 11:32 pm
    Great article. It only took mainstream media another 4 years to catch on.

    ABC Four Corners: The Jobs Game (aired: 23rd February 2015)

    Yet another year later, Turnbull Escalates War on the Poor (28 Feb 2016)
    By:George Cahill from NSW, Australia on August 3, 2011 @ 1:22 pm
    Don't ever expect to get any proper help on welfare otherwise you will be sadly disapointed.
    By:Pete from SA, OZ on July 9, 2011 @ 1:46 pm
    Over 18 months and not a cracker. In stream 4 yet no help i was just left there to rot at the job agency(JSA). Yes i got lip service alright, bugger all help and no job. I had qualifications and experience too. The stress of no help and no job got too much in the end, no matter how much i tried to push them to help me and get work myself. It caused me to see a doctor and get a med cert and see a centrelink job capacity assessor. I am now in the disability employment network where i await still for any such help. Time will tell!
    By:Kevin from TAS, Aust on July 8, 2011 @ 5:06 pm
    The job agencies don't give a stuff to them it's just a pay cheque. I came off a carer payment and went onto newstart and lost $120 a week, they wanted a separation certificate despite already being on a benefit?! I was deemed "job ready" so didn't see the agency for about 3 months, then I was "upgraded" to stream 3. I asked about "free" training I was handed a leaflet and that's it. They won't fund truck licences, TAFE, security licences etc despite having $1100 to spend on me. Too expensive (or hard) I was told yet I've been on the dole 5 months and already cost the government around $6000 in benefits. Amazingly after chasing the "free" training relentlessly for 4 months I was accepted into a road transport course that actually gives a truck licence and work placement. There are ways out of the system other than going on to DSP but be prepared to chase it hard by yourself and be prepared to sacrifice the life you were used to before you ended up unemployed.
    By:Gary from Canberra, Australia on July 1, 2011 @ 9:01 am
    Whoever designs these systems ought to be hung - from a community pov that is. However, as a money making exercise for those at the top, increased mental health problems and a retardation of planet earth, the system designers must be applauded.
    By:Martin Entwhistle from NSW, Australia on June 23, 2011 @ 8:04 am
    Having recently spent time on Centrelink on Newstart for some years recently after a marriage meltdown I can surely relate to this story. I can say Centrelink and their affiliated organistions or NPO job agencies are very limited in their thinking and what they do for a jobseeker. It was hard to get on Centrelink in the first place and found it was ok just playing their game and jumping through their hoops when told to do so, however i didn't need training and in the end just wanted a job which seemed almost impossible to get any decent help from them. It was incredibly frustrating and illogical. I eventually got one outside of Centrelink through a private job agency and thank crikeys for that else i;m sure I'd be still stuck back in no mans land going mad.
    By:Brad Pitt from SA, Australia on June 21, 2011 @ 8:24 pm
    Government departments are real clever when they wanna be to cover their ass. For example when they ring you, say 5 rings so it's registered and they can make note they have rung you, and who would ever know any different that they didn't really want to speak with you about your concerns and issue/s. That's right - nobody! The real test is when you ring their number back, if one is left on your mobile, and ask to speak to the person who rang and no-one is found, a note/email from the person you spoke to is apparently sent to everyone with your name and ph no, yet still, no-one rings you back. Stay clear of government systems at every turn if you can. They will only serve to ultimately mess your life up.
    By:Dan the Man from South Australia, Australia on June 15, 2011 @ 2:38 pm
    When i read this story it was the same that happened to me. One time i refused to sign that damn pathway plan crap and another time i ripped it up in front of their faces. Why? Like this story, it did nothing to help me get a job. Basically govt emp agencies are useless as i and others have found out. Priv ones don't work for the jobseeker either unless they think its worth their time putting your app before a prospective employer and getting their 10% finders fee or whatever it is. All in all it's a struggle, especially if you need help gettin a job after a family breakdown or trauma. Good luck is all i can say.
    By:Ben from Vic, Aust on June 9, 2011 @ 10:17 am
    I'm afraid your cries to a government system will fall on deaf ears. No sympathy or a fix will be forthcoming. You get more response from a deaf mute!
    By:Bazza from Vic, Aust on June 9, 2016 @ 5:04 am
    Ive had experience with DEEWR as a jobseeker and let me tell you it's like any govt agency, ineffective & useless!

    They say they've contacted you when clearly there are no calls on your mobile phone, yet when pushed they say oh there are details on the system implying you are a liar. You can't get direct numbers or email addresses to contact them and they put nothing in writing to you. Customer service calls just go round and round with inexperienced operators who don't know how to help you. In short nothing ever happens - you just waste your time! I personally think that's the idea, to get frustrated, give up & go away.

    Yes, many people are milking the system of all the money, with alot never needing it! But basically don't expect any logic or real support from govt systems. Stay clear else you will be sorry.

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