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  • Power 2 the People: Lobby, Protest and Occupy in 2012!
  • By Daveyone
  • Justice4Children Campaign.
  • 08/01/2012 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 14 articles in 2012 )
Having spent much of the past 8 years embroiled in the Family Justice system and witnessed first hand the injustices purveyed at the secret Family Court and the incompetence of Social Services along with their so called friendlier face CAFCASS.

Recently the downright corruption by the later day gestapo tactics of the CSA! All said to act in the best interest of the children when it is the children who are so rarely heard!

Sir Bob Geldof produced an excellent Channel 4 documentary 'Geldof on Fathers' in the same year I first went to court and this may be view in my blog or via You Tube. How dismayed must he feel all these years on and nothing has changed!

The problem is that the politicians lack the will to reform these draconian 19th century laws and bring them up to date. Less then 200 years ago Slavery was abolished. Here in the UK 45 years capital punishment and Gay rights were reformed, is it not about time that Family Law was brought into the 21st century? 100 years ago we learn "Suffragette" is a term coined by the Daily Mail newspaper as a derogatory label for members of the late 19th and early 20th century movement for women's suffrage in the United Kingdom, and whilst those of us today who fight for the pendulum to swing back slightly in favour of equal parenting rights we find the said Daily Mail a little more empathetic

Unless you have been subjected to the failures of family court and in spite of the fact none of the proceedings are ever publicised or reported on, the general public who are not aware of this will see The Sun as their Guardians and assume those who dress up like superhero's and climb on something in protest are fools as opposed to doing exactly what the suffragettes did at the turn of the last century with the same sound motives! it should be noted also that to date there has not been any loss of life , injury or damage to property by protesting Fathers throughout the World! The press should stop vilifying Dads and ask what leads them to act in these extreme ways, not all divorces are McCartney or Peter& Kate!

Yes our Victorian laws have transmitted their way to the equally failing judiciary in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and even the USA . I have corresponded with senior politicians in Singapore on the subject of Parental Alienation and in addition to the financial turmoil blighting Greece at the moment they too suffer the same injustice. Euro-sceptic Davey is even blown into disbelief that the so called lorded EU Human rights do not extend to Family Justice!

I would now call upon all groups, organisations and individuals to campaign united and with one voice, whether it is against the USA Government who say they do all they can for children and even returning service personnel yet they are mistreated and abused at the hands of Family Courts. CPS (Child Protection Services) like Social Services throughout the world fail do what it says on the label so here too reform is long over due. In New Zealand John Keys Prime Minister has secured a new term in office so it is assumed he is doing something right, but not in the area of CYFS and again Family Court and I am glad to report that there are some robust protesters in that country. In Canada I never hear a bad word said against Stephen Harper PM yet he seems content to preside over the worst Family Justice system in the world, whilst Australia's Julia Gillard is taking her nation on the same over feminised path New Labour would have had us travel here in the UK and whilst Robert McCellend's rhetoric was evident within the appalling Family Justice Review published in November 2011 by David Norgrove, I can assure people that short of slightly more open courts Australians, in the main, face the same injustice as everyone else!

I would however caution restraint in any mode of protest you chose so keep it peaceful, what is the point of coming into conflict with the police many of who would be onside only to have politicians and the media point their ill informed fingers and say " Oh look just another bunch of hooligans!" . Keep to the facts and remember our strongest defence is honesty. If you are called upon to talk to a Newspaper of Radio programme keep it brief and to the point and offer as many facts as you can in a given time, but beware they will seek to trick you and make you seem foolish so ensure you go equipped with as much information as you can. Continue to sign and promote petitions , encourage as many people as possible to write to their own MP and other local representatives, get the word on local Radio, commercial and BBC. links to all this can be found on my blog.

Keep within the law as far as protests are concerned as even the Government will attempt to have people infiltrate groups so as to cause problems and undermine our cause, so self police your immediate group. Occupy seems to be the way forward as hitherto those who should, fail to listen to reasoned debate lobby or appeal. Again only do this during office hours to not make forced entry, do not damage anything or pose a threat or danger to other people make it clear you are simply making a peaceful protest and if the authorities seek to make arrests and challenge an individual link arms at shoulder height and rotate around that individual like Emperor Penguins do when trying to keep warm in Antarctica. If on the other hand it is clear your group has been infiltrated by trouble makers hell bent on putting us in a bad light then give them up to the police!

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself talking in these terms but the injustice many of us have experienced and have to live with as a consequence cannot be allowed to continue and the politicians and media need to wake up to this fact as they are not interested in talking about it or better still acting to resolve it without a robust push by our campaign;
Lets be careful out there!!


    By:Daveyone from London, England on January 9, 2012 @ 9:17 am

    Dads in distress have just passed me this survey, lets support this call.

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