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  • A Costly Divorce
  • A Current Affair
  • 21/11/2012 Make a Comment (2)
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 4 articles in 2012 )
Desperate calls to overhaul the system and save struggling parents from financial ruin
Divorce Costs alright - but in how many ways and what can be done?

What is the real cost of divorce where separated Australian families are left penniless while the lawyers clean up?

An age old problem where calls, yet again, are made to clean up and overhaul the system. Will these calls from a few fathers and a former Barrister/Mediator go unheard, yet again?

Possibly so, as the social and financial reform needed will never be on any government agenda, or at least not for too long as history as shown.

However, good on A Current Affair for airing a snapshot of the problem, in contrast to the often shallow and misguided sensationalist stories about frivolous issues often highlighted in the media.

Watch or download last night's segment called Divorce Costs giving you a glimpse of a few father's experiences and misfortune.

Btw, there are always more than two sides to any story.

Download Link - Divorce Costs


    By:bruce farthing from wa, australasia on January 16, 2013 @ 2:24 pm
    But who gets the money? Legal system or the ex? How much do the kids actually get, thats wot id wanna know?
    By:Johnno from WA, AUS on November 23, 2012 @ 2:03 pm
    Now they tell me!!

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