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  • Will This (CSA) Corruption Never End?
  • By Daveyone
  • World4Justice
  • 08/12/2012 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 14 articles in 2012 )
Nearly 800,000 separated fathers face increases in their bills for maintaining their children which will run up to thousands of pounds a year, it was revealed Thursday.

They will start to face hikes in the maintenance bills they pay through the Child Support Agency from next Monday when sweeping new reforms begin to be brought in.The increases will hit mainly middle-income fathers.

More than 350,000 of those affected will have to pay more than £10 extra a week to support children living with former wives and partners.

The corruption of the State Sponsored Highwaymen goes on under the leadership of this hypocrite The Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP former Tory leader and one of the privileged few in the collision of a Government who seem to be governed by the Treasury at any cost regardless of the realities many fathers have to face! This is wreckless and an infringement of civil liberties that if it applied to anyone other then fathers would constitute as racist, sex discrimination and down right prejudice just because we want to do right by our children whilst being expected to hold down a job and maintain 2 households and just about any amount of money the CSA pulls from their infinite sized hat!

Parental Alienation is used to coerced the CSA into making the Dad pay more and more whilst Mum withholds the kids! The CSA do not recognise what you have done to be there for your children in Family Court even if you have been ordered shared care, Parental Responsibility and as in my case Joint Residency! If the mother says no the court won’t act, but you will be taken to the cleaners and this Coalition Government seems content to maintain this corruption that I have witnessed personally for almost 9 years!


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