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  • What keeps you alive today?
  • 11/12/2012 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: BigJoe ( 2 articles in 2012 )
What really keeps you alive today?

Is it luck, your healthy lifestyle, the country you reside in, the era in which you have been born into or something else?

Are you worth more Alive or Dead to those at the top of the world tree?

Do those at the top care about you?

Are you worth more as a consumer in a monetary market or more being used as someone's pawn to seek control of resources with all the spoils from business funding from having you in the war and ultimately having you killed?

Unlike a forest fire that must come every so often to cleanse the forest spawning regrowth, so must a death toll and business as usual, in the eyes of a few at the helm.

Will you become part of a new set of statistics, just like the ones below?
These statistics do not include casualties or the mass trauma or setbacks in common sense.
1914-18 - WWI : 15,000,000

1917-22 - Russian Civil War : 9,000,000

1924-53 Soviet Union, Stalin's regime : 20,000,000

1939-45 WWII : 66,000,000

1949-1975 People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong's regime : 40,000,000

1950 et seq. Tibet : 600,000

1965-73 Vietnam War : 1 700,000

2001 World Trade Centre : 3,000

For more deaths and greater insight into the madness that has been allowed to occur, go to

Whilst the above may appear negative are we really learning from history?

Is one country safer than another, or one person with more money and power really better off than one who hasn't?

Is calculated genocide and disparity what we really are as a human race? If we as individuals do nothing to improve humanity are we any better than those at the top who determine our demise and destiny?

Do we simply wait for our dictator type bankers and businessmen at the top to roll out their next master plan for destruction, or do we become active and implement new common sense ways of living no matter what the resistance?

Creating healthy new industries that are good for the planet and us humans, and doing away with all the old industries and ways of living that we can simply no longer tolerate for a psychological and physically sustainable existence.

How can we make this world of ours a better place to be and thrive?
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