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  • Wake up to Carbon Tax & Politicians selling out Australian families
  • By Mark
  • 27/12/2012 Make a Comment (4)
  • Contributed by: Mark ( 1 article in 2012 )
Julia Gillard (above left)......................... Adolf Hitler (below)

Obviously, those in the know did not want the truth to get out, evidenced by the above.
However, here it is again below. Will this too be silenced and by who specifically?

Koozzoo Media exposes the the corrupt practice of "carbonising land"


I find her 'salute' a bit scary reminiscent of another infamous leader! HITLER CHECK IT OUT !!!!

If you care about our tomorrow and how our Julia Gillard is selling us out, this is one video you MUST watch.

Ironically, it's all hushed up here in Australia and never gets reported but was in The Phillipines news media! It is well worth your time to listen to it and be informed. What a shocking state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Good beef producing land around here now grows pine trees and eucalyptus forests and some, if not all, is owned or leased by the Japanese or Chinese to use as carbon credits!

The signs were taken down some time ago. You cannot eat pine needles and gum leaves. Even in the cities, fresh food prices have skyrocketed in the past month and can only get worse! We will soon be importing all our foods if this does not stop.

This is unbelievable!


    By:MrNatural from Vic, Australia on January 31, 2013 @ 4:27 pm
    Over 70+ yrs between the rule of these two leaders & has anything much changed with the people?... Possibly not!!

    Why?... As most people like to follow, not think and be fooled by such narcissistic puppets.

    So really, are these two leaders at fault?... Possibly not!

    So really, who is at fault?...the people?... Possibly yes!

    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." - Gandhi

    If we as the people don't change, expect and setup better systems that serve all, how can we ever expect the quality of our leadership groups to change? ... We can't!

    Food 4 thought 4 all...!!!
    By:Brett from SA, Australia on December 31, 2012 @ 9:18 am
    Christ only knows what is going on Steve... you, your mum and family must be beside yourselves with sickness and worry, especially after your son has now disappeared, possibly back overseas where your ex came from.

    What must be happening to this poor little boy?

    With the loss of your son, your Ex possibly now pulling Australian welfare, child support from you and gaining Aust citizenship because of your son, you must now wonder why you ever slept with such a wretched soul. Let me say, you are not the first and won't be the last to be snared by such calculating people.

    Clearly, no one cares and wants to know so make as big a noise as you can!!!

    The system is useless from a fathers & common sense family perspective as yes on the face of it, most traditional good mothers are on the whole better child carers.

    On a deeper level mothers get the kids because they are good consumers, compliant slaves to authority, and more importantly have a natural ability to produce debt slaves keeping the labour force going, keeping industry churning and our masters at the top sitting pretty.

    Australia is a relatively new frontier not fully understanding the importance of family values and culture like older cultures, hence why we have all these separation, fatherlessness and abuse problems.

    It's a disgrace to our Australian nation and a situation where we must fight and do everything in our power to advance the maturity of this country toward a better family culture.

    Keep strong Steve!!
    By:David Matthews from qld, australia on December 29, 2012 @ 11:39 pm
    Sadly you are fighting to see your child in a society that in essence does not care. The courts only care about who pays and we all know who that is. You are basically fighting the government and for an individual it's a losing battle. Men and society in general won't pull together to do the right thing even if we all know it's criminal, unjust and corrupt.
    Iv'e been through it and found the best thing, the only option that was sensible was to walk away. That's not for everyone I know and people judge you for having done so but society also dictates that you will be judged in a negative light even for all the negative things your ex does to your child. That's to me, "just the way it is here." Sad and sick.
    By:Steve from Queensland, Australia on December 29, 2012 @ 8:01 pm
    Formal complaint

    I ask the Attorney General to sack and prosecute these corrupt public servants and contractors and restore my son’s rights and deliver justice, and refer this mater to the Queensland CMC if the CMC isn’t to busy with their own political campaigns ro the Queensland police for investigation.

    LAQ are abusing my young son and have been for over two years, illegally using Queensland public money to fund their pack of unethical, illegal and corrupt political bigoted campaign against my son and my family, lying and cheating us of our natural and inalienable rights, these LAQ employee’s are corrupt and evil.

    Steve Wickenden
    Oskar’s Dad

    Please contact …

    Hon Jarrod Bleijie

    Electorate Office Address
    Sunshine Central
    3 Nicklin Way
    MINYAMA QLD 4575
    Phone: (07) 5478 1189
    Fax:(07) 5478 1815

    My young son is missing … my ex took him when he was 1yo … when I got court orders … he was spending weekends with me … from then on he wouldn’t go back to the ex when he sees her he would run away and when my mum had to forced him to the ex he cried… this went on for 2 years … 2 months ago the ex and her Queensland legal aid team pack of fem lawyers and barristers got full custody … even thought child safety on record reported he was found alone in the streets many times over six months between 1 yo and 18 months and documented bruises and turning up bleeding etc … also on the child safety report the ex admitted her legal aid told her to say there was domestic violence when there was none and that the ex was the “primary attachment figure” … me legal aid was cut when I showed I have video of Oskar not going to the ex at 1yo, my mum having to make him go … asked I for a psychology report … then never heard from my lawyers again … Oskar got 1 hour a week in the supervised detention centre with me … LAQ said the ex is the primary attachment figure and I brainwashed my 1yo … 2 weeks ago he came to the detention centre after being with held the week before, again with a lot of unexplained bruises … I called the police to investigate Oskar’s bruises and have not seen him since … I has seen the ex beat him so I knew what he is going through … I was supposed to see him on Monday but the detention centre cancelled visits because at the last visit… I called the police last Wednesday for a safety check in on Oskar … the police didn’t call me back … I called the police again today … they confirmed there has been no one at his address for the last week … I tried to file a missing person report today for Oskar so I can get him a police safety check … the police declined … I tried filing an application in case in the family court FCA it was denied … Steve and Oskar

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