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  • How to change the world
  • By Ron Lewis
  • 30/12/2012 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Princeplanet ( 1 article in 2012 )

The only change needed — is for us all to learn how to love and be at peace with ourselves and each other...

Let us not forget, that love is the only real currency on Earth!

Without Love, existence is not possible. Only Love produces lasting results. Anything not achieved with Love, will not last. Anyone who does not show love will cease to exist. No, I am not talking about some Apocalyptic Dooms Day scenario. But to exist within our environment in space and on this planet and endure conditions that come along, Love is paramount.

Love is the “Prime Law” that governs man's existence.

Love is a choice. Love must be a choice. Love is always a choice. That's what makes it Love. Each one of us must choose Love. Learn Love. Love for our Source, Love for fellow man, Love for our Earth ship that we travel on and really most importantly, Love for our “Self”. For if we do not learn how to love our “Self” then how could we possibly know how to love someone else. If we don't understand how to, not hurt our “Self”, then how could we possibly understand how not to hurt those around us. For we are all part of ONE. We are all connected to each other. We cannot exist divided against each other and we definitely cannot exist separate and divided from our Source. Love is the means for this connection. Love is a frequency and a connecting bond that takes place by means of it.

The monetary based system cannot exist for it is not eternal. Only a Love based system is Eternal. Never ending. The world's problems are a result of the lack of Love. Its that simple. Why then are we still here? The most logical reason is that those among us who choose Love and compassion keep prolonging existence of the human race. We still see pain, suffering, violence etc. because not everyone chooses Love. But enough do, so we continue to exist. Can you see the power in that? The Power of Love. Now, In order to completely eliminate suffering in the world, everyone, everywhere must choose Love. Because as we stated, Love has to be a choice.

Many ask the question, why does God permit suffering and death in the world? What kind of God is He? Well our Source, our Creator is Love and is loving. He does not unlovingly force us to love Him. But because of His Love, He gives us that choice or it wouldn't be Love. Because only by choosing Love can it truly be Love. God doesn't want pain and suffering in the world. He wants it to end. He's not the one allowing it to continue. We are! God longs for us to love. We are the ones who have to make the right choice of Love. We can change it if we want to. Its up to us to take that step. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to decide. Its not the job of some organized religion, some government, or belonging to some movement that's going to take on that responsibility for us. Each and every one of us must govern our “Self” and gain knowledge of Love the “Prime Law”. When I say Love the “Prime Law” I'm not talking about some man made ruling, legal document or amendment. I'm talking about a law that exists in the Universe. A law like gravity for instance. Love as a law that holds everything together. That kind of law. A law by which things could not exist without it. Without the “Prime Law” of Love there would be disorder. Yes, we are experiencing first hand what happens when that “Prime Law” of Love is not applied.

Love Education. We have the means to learn how to love. We are living in a time where a global shift is taking place. We are traveling in route to where everything will be realigned again. A stage in the cycle of our journey where all will be rectified. It will happen. Many call this a time of enlightenment where we have a chance to awaken. To open up and feel the frequency. Its not a time to sleep or be doped up on a monetary old system that will soon fade away. Its a time to keep on seeking and searching to establish a firm connection with our Source and everyone around us. A time to let go of bitterness and stop being judgmental. Becoming a better person and not a bitter person over life learning experiences and obstacles that happened to come along. A time to discover who we are and not who we were programmed by the system to be. Time to take back control of our “Self” and not allow our “Self” to be controlled by our own ego or the ego of any man. A time not to sell out our power or our willpower. If we look outside our “Self” for someone else to take care of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs, then we leave ourselves wide open to be controlled by them. We are ONE. What we do to our “Self”, we do to All. At this time we must learn how to apply Love The “Prime Law” to our “Self”. Our continued existence as a human race will depend on Love.


    By:Brett from SA, Australia on December 31, 2012 @ 10:23 am
    Very clever alien video & messages so very true!!!

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