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  • USA President Madness
  • 08/10/2013 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Rambo ( 11 articles in 2013 )
Be Grateful Today!
How many people are still not awake in the United States; still in a place of confusion or simply still on drugs and distractions to kill the pain of denial of realising one's true power, potential and rights?

If any of the above applies to you try standing upside down to help gain a clearer perspective, for hopefully the blood rushing to your head may help with your waking up process. Because let's face it, from where many of us stand, many things in the USA and other parts of the world look upside down!

So why do people still buy into this US Presidency thing, when clearly the strings of the this puppet position and regime are controlled by others inside and outside the USA, with agendas not aimed at the good of the American people?

Whilst no surprise for the many who have departed from mainstream mind control, it does require a modicum of intelligence and research on the part of the newly awakening to see that something isn't right and hasn't been for a very long time.

So what can be done and where does one start?

Well, anything my peoples, anything at all. What do you wish for?

Freedom and something better you say.

Hmmm... well, first you must understand something about yourself — you have been trained like an animal.

Yes, like an elephant controlled from the time it was born with a tiny piece of rope around it's leg and fastened to a peg in the ground.

When the elephant was small there was absolutely no way it could break free, as the rope proved to be of greater strength compared with what the little elephant could muster.

However, when the elephant grew to full size it could surely break free from this tiny rope as this elephant was big and mighty powerful, right? Nope.

What you talkin' about fool?

Well, during the many years the elephant took to grow to maturity, the relatively tiny rope securing the elephant to the peg in the ground preventing the elephant from roaming free, programmed into the elephant's mind [supposedly sub-conscious] an association that when its leg felt a rope, it was not free and could not move. Poor elephant...

Whilst the elephant can be excused as it doesn't have other elephants telling him he is free and that he can pull out the peg in the ground anytime because he is stronger than it, what is our excuse as human beings who do get told, shown and involved in realising their power?

Well, unlike the simple and logical elephant story, I have absolutely no simple explanation as to why humans on the whole are such docile and apathetic creatures who don't stand up wanting far better for themselves in every respect.

So what is this preconditioned nature and learnt behaviour constricting our capacity for greatness?

Having given consideration to us being programmed by our environment and genetic/DNA factors, the only thing that seems to run true on the whole, is nobody does anything they perceive will cause immediate harm to their body. Whether it be through opposing the norms and ego losing their reputation and materialistic possessions or their so called freedom and/or facing death.

A life of possessions and servitude in exchange for giving away your soul, dignity and honour serving God and all of his creatures in the most humanely way possible, doesn't seem to me to be a fair trade and what we are here for... but I could be wrong.

However, the reality that many of us experience in every day living has been perpetuated by our masters through having employed the finest minds in helping to understand how best to control and manipulate the masses into being placid, conforming and compliant through the deep roots of mind control. The offshoots of this has been the creation and perceived value of money which has in turn developed into power and control for those big players having it.

And when the masses have risen to oppose such methodology indicated all throughout history with the help of exceptionally wise and visionary leaders, these leaders have been assassinated in very direct or covert ways with clever trickery [again mind control], disbanding the large gatherings and more importantly, deflating the human spirit once more.

And when the people can't get truthful answers to the beheadings of our courageous leaders who have placed their lives on the line for humanity, this seems to only bury the human soul instead of rising it up with anger, fury and dissent to behead and bury our evil dictators whomever and in wherever shadows of darkness they may be hiding.

So until we break the mindset of fear from dying or being incarcerated my peoples, the chains that already imprison us now, will continue until you awake.

And of course these chains will become forever more restrictive for our children and their children, who will similar to water today, have to pay for clean oxygen to breathe, making films like Total Recall(1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger a reality, not just fiction.

So the choice is yours as Earth is a free will zone. Your innate free will is present deep within you to help you decide which way you will live or die.

That is unless you want someone else to do all the thinking and work for you, while you continue to do nothing lapping up modern day serfdom. And if so just remember one thing, it's this apathy of not rising up and doing what's right for all that has landed us all in hot water in the first place.

Each generation must preserve its rights, freedoms and establish its privileges.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." — Ronald Reagan

In the end if you stand up for something better your body may die but your soul will live on and richer for the experience, however if you do nothing, both your body and soul will die, bit by bit, day by day until you become nothing — not eternal.

What happens in the USA [republic or not] seems to filter through to other westernised regions like Australia. Let the US malignant structure be a future snapshot that we avoid, not mimic.

    By:MrNatural from Vic, Australia on October 8, 2013 @ 12:54 pm
    Great article...

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