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  • Falling Down
  • 23/10/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Bewitched ( 20 articles in 2013 )
Have you seen the classic movie Falling Down(1993) with Michael Douglas?

Well if you're a man or a father having a stressed time, do yourself a favour and watch it and see if you can relate to any of the feelings and themes. Michael D played the role so well I personally felt he depicted my state of mind, feelings and emotions to a tee.

With the right balance of temperament and tolerance, underpinned by emotions that want to burst out when pushed just that bit too far. Even less triggers are needed being already loaded up with stresses from work and family break up issues, and all he wanted was to see his little girl on her birthday.

While this movie only portrays a few examples of how tough life can treat you at times, and how things can go terribly wrong all in one day, there are many other factors not mentioned that can send men into states of loneliness and isolation, depression, suicidal ideations and yearnings for rage, power and justice.

Sure, some fathers can manage as perhaps they don't get too tough a time with things or maybe their resilience is higher, but what of the fathers who fall down, every day and in every way. Who is there to help pick them up? Especially if they don't have family, friends and mates around to give a damn when their life is on the skids?

Mostly nobody, that's who?

Now why is this about men and fathers, that nobody really gives a tinkers cuss, not even other men, unlike women who look after their gender?

Maybe the 'care factor' by men is why men are losing the race in family circles, more increasingly in the workplace, obtaining government support and funding. Maybe we are a doomed species heading for extinction in the coming decades at this pace.

So what are we doing wrong and more importantly what do we do about it?

I welcome you to share you thoughts with a comment.

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