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  • Syria stands up to bullies in the NWO
  • By PrincePlanet
  • 01/11/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: PrincePlanet ( 14 articles in 2013 )
This Syrian woman has a vitally important message for us all making good common sense. So watch & learn!

Simply, Syria is under attack because of its stand against the New World Order regime - all the power in the hands of a few.

Syria wants to keep its unique culture & good on them! This is an ideal model all countries should be following. Haven't we had enough of dictators & tyranny.

Don't be fooled by the media & negative propaganda against President Assad. Instead, support Syria in its stand against bullies.

Syria resists NWO:
1. Syria's Central Bank is state owned (ie. No Rothschild + Elite control)
2. Syria has no debt to the IMF - Intenational Monetary (Again no Rothschild + Elite control)
3. Syria has no GMO - (Eradicating elite controlled companies such as Monsanto)
4. Syrian's are aware of the global conspiracy (total control of all countries by just a few)
5. Syria has Gas and plans to build pipelines (like oil & other resources elite want control of)
6. Syria opposes Zionism & Israel (Saying NO to be controlled by Freemasonry Elite)
7. Syria is the last Secular country in the Middle East
8. Syria has a strong National & Cultural identity (They want keep their uniqueness)

In the world of politics the following statements is about as clear as it gets. President Assad is telling the bullies to 'get the fuck out of my country'.

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has said he is open to peace talks but insisted that they would not go ahead unless foreign nations stopped supporting rebel fighters.

"The Syrian people are the only ones who have the right to decide on Syria's future, and any solution or agreement must have the acceptance of the Syrian people, and reflect their desires," Assad told Brahimi.

Assad also warned there must not be "any foreign intervention" in seeking a solution to Syria's civil war, in which an estimated 115,000 people have died in 31 months.

"Putting an end to support for the terrorists and pressuring the states that support them is the most important step to prepare... for dialogue," Assad said.

"The success of any political solution is linked to putting an end to support funnelled to terrorist groups," he added.


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