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  • Fast Track to Fascism or NOT?
  • 14/11/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: BigJoe ( 18 articles in 2013 )
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The above video highlights yet again, examples of a fascist agenda operating in the United States and throughout the world, including Australia. Don't believe it yet. That's ok, you will and hopefully before it's not too late as history has shown. In the meantime awaken your senses, mind and heart. Read more...

Under the guise of keeping your kids safe, they want control over your children. To program, have them think anyway they[our masters] choose and have them do anything they choose. Yep, total mind control across the world the fascists way. Read more...

If you say "you have nothing to hide", is this justification for us all living in a 'Big Brother' survellance state having our freedoms eroded daily?

Maybe the FBI/police can come knocking anytime under the guise of "preventing acts of violence before they occur". Gee, I think I saw that in a film once, was it the Minority Report? Guess, when you have so many people on the Military Defense & Police Enforcement payrolls, being largely private owned contractors and all as opposed to government run organisations for the people, perhaps you have to keep them busy even if it is sticking their nose into your private life. Sounds a bit like fascism and communism all right.

Like most things that originate in the US, the roll-out into Australia won't be far behind which is ultimately good news for Australians giving them extra time to awaken. But don't trust me, do your own research.

Hopefully, from all this ICT intrusion into ordinary people's lives under the guise of safety and security, more people are awakening quicker, which can only lead to a force far greater evolving than the one restricting our freedoms and humanity.

Whilst it maybe challenging for many, the answer is to simply come from a place of love, non-compliance and refusal to partake or buy into in a world of military and corporate rule and unrest. No more mainstream anything! Get back to family, people, nature and healthy living, even if it means minimising or trashing the technology world.

The beauty of all this is it is free, abundant, doesn't draw negatively on your energy and is environmentally friendly. With those wonderful benefits who could go wrong?

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