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  • Which way is your left and right brain taking you?
  • 16/11/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: PeterMac ( 2 articles in 2013 )
Since the advent of parenting two loving children, albeit under difficult times throughout a marriage breakup with a crazy ex and the many atrocious aspects of legal intervention, our children have formed into adults, left the nest embarking upon their own personal and collective physical and metaphysical adventures, either with you in their lives or not. Hopefully the former and god willing continuing to achieve what they are here for, whether it be as responsible, creative and happy beings or otherwise.

But at the risk of sounding somewhat selfish, what of me now, when our roles of father, parent or guardian dry up? What of our new purpose and what really remains for the man to do. For is he to be thrown upon the scrap heap or is there some life in the old boy at the half century mark, as he struggles daily without a life's purpose that he regards as so meaningful he would again be willing to give his life up for, as in the case of his children?

For when the ego and self has gone, what is left to save him in a world that can be so destructive to a man's nature and the loss of himself, and let's face it, who really cares?

For before the sacrificial purposes of children did you ever imagine such thrills and spills you would help co-create, and post children did you ever imagine a life at all, so what happened?

To be blunt it can be somewhat difficult to resume a 'normal' life, repetitively asking yourself what do I do now that has real meaning, wondering if there is a final sacrifice, duty to fulfill or one last obligation before you return to dust?

As for many years in coping with the aftermath of countless years of litigation and system abuse, one can embark on extended periods of self rehabilitation and personal development to get back to what resembled and what you once perceived as a normal functioning life.

This included failed relationships that revealed more about myself, who I was and wasn't, and a string of small projects that kept my mind busy and distracted if you will, and lots of growth in awareness from looking into myself in addition to the hordes of internet material that has become available with a good download connection. Possibly I had created many dependencies that helped me numb the deep pain I was still feeling but somehow didn't want to or couldn't quite acknowledge or accept.

But alas this was simply an illusion from which you can awake, coming to terms with the denial and reality there is no end goal or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is no end game of success.

However, still many years on nearly into my fifties and purging my soul from endless battles with systemic cancers in bureaucracies and helping wounded souls around me, a case perhaps of the blind leading the blind, I finally realised that the feelings of being needed, valued, respected and loved like those deep feelings of love you get in your family I was trying to recapture, were simply never going to return, or ever feel the same.

It then took some time for the shock of this realisation to subside, again, just like all the shocks before. Many of us are fragile creatures and take time to bounce back requiring faith and patience. Yet still, something was gnawing away in the back of my mind, if only I knew what it was.

Then one morning after waking and spending a warm and sensuous orgasmic moment with my special lady, the following thoughts and dialogue arose from the warmth, closeness and stillness of two loving souls who were merged as one, in flesh and spirit.

How do we advance? From being creative.

How is creativity invoked? Through right brain activity.

However, who makes all the rules in society besides our financial elite? Our academics of course, with a majority of these being, yes you guessed it, left brain thinkers.

So with left brain controllers at the helm of society, is it any wonder we are not advancing on this planet in a way that follows the natural rules of creation.

So what else are we missing or getting wrong? Could it be a lack of love and right brain stimulus?

Well, in high vibrations of love do many answers often come. During sexual orgasm, sound and light vibration, and deep sacrifice for the benefit of others are just a few ways these high vibrations of love can be reached, opening the often stuck window of insight, allowing us to truly see afar and the beauty of nature that was created and nurtured long before man was and long after he vanishes as we know him today.

But what of him today and his reptilian brain, both left and right sides, and man's desire to advance, evolve and to sense fulfillment? Well, for all those souls who have lost their way perhaps all we can ever do is create, and create all that is positive and great for us all.

So if you are predominantly a left brain person who has been used to a life of excessive reason and order, maybe it's time to give your right side more reason to express yourself creatively. For in order to achieve true fulfillment in life, all one must do is simply experience the act of creation and enjoy the state of being creative. For is this not what is happening inside of us and flowing all around us all the time. Whilst not always an easy discovery, it is such a simple and complete solution for all in what appears to be a never ending complex and chaotic world.

If you ever feel like you don't belong in this world or just can't find your place in it, no matter how hard you try, you are not alone. Trying to make sense of this can send you a bit batty at times until you realise whilst your form is made from this world, you are not of this world and certainly not in this world, but rather the world you experience is in you.

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