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  • Secrets: Trans Pacific Agreement
  • 17/11/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 16 articles in 2013 )
When you see ten nation representatives smiling, do you ask why?

Is it a cheesy smile for a photo shoot like most people do or are they smiling about the wonderful financial remuneration they will receive for being a team player with typical propaganda at work attempting to reassure the public again that all is ok in the hen house, and there are no foxes running loose?

Propaganda like, don't worry about anything, we your leaders have everything under control and we have your best interests at heart and as Tony Abbott Prime Minister recently put it "the adults are back in charge". Of course they are, and we are not to ask any questions that we feel are appropriate or concern ourselves with the perks and kickbacks of 'these adults' for going along with whatever the big boys say, securing their prosperous lifestyle at the top for themselves and their families, often at the expense of ours on a lower rung.

Does it ever occur to people that these representatives, like former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard who's in power one moment and out the next, can cause irreparable and irreversible damage for generations to come, simply with a signature and brush of their pen?

And why should Ms Gillard or other country representatives rock the boat and throw away a secret and lucrative handshake package, setting them up financially for life, under the guise of some fanciful free market deal supposedly benefiting the interests of the country they have been 'so called' elected to represent. Let's face it, who really knows what paperwork gets signed and what hardship many of us are facing today could have been avoided, if only there was a little bit more scrutiny and accountability?

Look in lay terms, their view maybe that it's simply best you go back to your comfy armchair, put your feet up and take the load off, have an alcoholic beverage to relieve the stress of a busy work week, watch TV and your favourite sport, and not concern yourself with such petty issues as world control and domination by a few.

It may even be preferable to distract yourself away from important news worthy issues you should be involved in, with your negative thoughts and emotions about your failing family issues, unfair child support payments, increased cost of living, ever growing restrictions on your privacy, rights and freedoms, and how everything seems to be falling down around you, when things surely should be getting better in this modern day info-tech society.

But do you see positive or negative signs that all is good in the world today?

So, what do you know about the Trans Pacific Partnershp(TPP)?

"WikiLeaks has exposed details of secret trade negotiations that could leave Australians paying more for drugs and medicines, movies, computer games and software, and be placed under surveillance as part of a US-led crackdown on internet piracy." Read more on trade deal could be bitter medicine

"Are you concerned about increasing cost of medicines? Would you worry if Australians could be jailed for illegally downloading an episode of Game of Thrones? Do you want to know if your muesli bar contains palm oil? Then you really should care about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement being negotiated in secret between Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. In this report you will find information on:" Read more on why Choice calls for Fair Trade...

"SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) were halted largely by popular activism. The common factor in both was the potential for copyright owners to force their will on the internet. Two of the key issues were to make ISPs liable for infringing content, and the ability to suspend the internet accounts of repeat infringers. A further criticism of ACTA is that it was negotiated in secret, and both the public and the national parliaments expected to simply accept the deal." Read more on why this secret TPP agreement is similar to, but stronger than, SOPA and ACTA...

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement." Read more on why we should care about Trade Agreements...

"When a process like TPP happens in secret and is governed solely by incumbents, the result is exactly what we see before us. TPP, in this form, will set our ability to innovate back and have the same “chilling effect” we spoke about so often during the SOPA debates. There is a serious argument to be made for the power of open exchanges of information, and we should get busy making it. Prepare to get involved." Read more about the secret global trade agreement...

Visit wikileaks to download a copy of the Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

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