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  • Cop Fires On Minivan Full Of Kids
  • 18/11/2013 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: JohnnyBgood ( 9 articles in 2013 )
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What an absolute disgrace! What words can describe this form of inhumane System Abuse?

Doing 71 in a 55 zone allegedly speeding, a mother of five unexplainably drives away only to get assaulted in her car before her family is put in life threatening danger. First by having her passenger side smashed wildly with a nightstick, including breaking the window and side mirror, and secondly when police fired off shots into the rear of the car. The trauma and problems created from this disturbing event may just leave these kids and family scarred for a very long time.

It's a wonder and miracle no one was killed, especially the 4 kids sitting in the back seat!

Setting aside any alleged wrong-doing by the mother for the moment, what the hell is going on with our 'Police, Military, Armed and Unarmed Forces of Authority' these days becoming so aggressive and authoritarian?

Are they on drugs, stressed out, have financial worries, not meeting their infringement revenue quotas to get this month's commission, didn't get sex the night before, police training is inappropriate and inadequate aiming to kill life rather than preserve it, so what is it?

So potential loss of life for children and adults, all over a measly road rule guideline and a $100 fine, or is there a bigger agenda looming behind the scenes?

Didn't we just see a similar type of abuse the other day in Victoria Australia with Tram Inspectors only without guns, this time.

With US police scenes from above humanity continues to head down a slippery slope indeed, with many questions begging to be answered. So which way should we view this incident?

A few thoughts that rushed through my head in just a short time are as follows, not in order of importance or priority:

a) Where is the Father?

b) Are police too brutal using excessive force where the ends do not justify the means?

c) What of the safety conditions, especially to 4 kids in the back seat, what if someone had been killed, all over a traffic offence?

d) Where is the police good will, warnings and co-operation?

e) Do we want Peace Men working our streets for the good of humanity or do we want Police Officers working as narcissistic hit men, revenue collectors for our high rolling corporate elite and as people collectors for our hungry ever growing legal and prison systems?

f) As a people and nation we need to seriously rethink the roles of what are currently termed Police Officers. Hence, what types of people, technology and solutions will safeguard our well-being, streets and property the fairest?

g) What natural laws are we violating as a community which need to be amended?

h) Who has authorised this family violence upon families by authorities?

i) Where's the love or is just fear always being promoted?

j) What better ways can be implemented to avoid this archaic and destructive assault on humanity?

k) What is wrong with people and our serving institutions such as police?

l) With each contemptible and abhorrent incident are police losing their power and respect from the public at at large?

m) Should the police officers and commissioner resign their commissions to clearly send a message that this type of abuse will not be tolerated?

n) Should the whole legal and judicial system come under much more severe scrutiny than ever before?

o) Should there be a totally new system setup to help steer our new world in a better direction?

Is it a good time to create something new?


    By:Bruce Heldorf from wa, australia on November 20, 2013 @ 9:54 am
    Unbelievable...mindless...power mongering robots...sheesh. Gotta wonder where this world is heading

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